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Oyaide P-079 Power Plugs IEC Audio Connector Japan Made Genuine Products New

Oyaide P-079 Power Plugs IEC Audio Connector Japan Made Genuine Products New

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Backed by years of sales experience, this is a carefully crafted power plug that has been carefully reconsidered in detail to ensure that anyone can use it with peace of mind, with an emphasis on sound quality, ease of processing, and safety. Due to the characteristics of the thick gold plating, it features a voluminous mid-low range and soft and delicate high range expression, and is gentle on the ears and easy to listen to, even among Oyaide power plugs. It is particularly compatible with female vocals. In addition, the P-079 is the perfect power plug when you want to make the sound silky smooth and lustrous while ensuring the necessary range and amount of information.

Points of the P-079

Luxurious electrodes made of machined phosphor bronze with thick 24K gold plating

The blade receiving part is made of 1.4mm thick phosphor bronze.

Holding force: 7kg or more. Tensile strength of blade holder and cable: 30kg or more. Body is made of high density engineering plastic material PBT + GF30%. Main body cover is made of thick polycarbonate. All parts are completely non-magnetic. P-079 specifications. Main body: PBT + GF30%. Cover: Polycarbonate. Blade: Phosphor bronze. Plating: Thick 24K gold plating (2.0μ). Installation method: Screw-fastened. Suitable cable diameter: Up to 17mm. Applicable gauge: Up to AWG10 (5.5sq). Rated 125V/15A specification. PSE certified.

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