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Phasemation EA-320 Phono Amplifier V-I/I-V conversion type all-stage symmetrical

Phasemation EA-320 Phono Amplifier V-I/I-V conversion type all-stage symmetrical

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◆Front panel is made of 10mm thick slant aluminum material and follows the design of EA-550 and EA-350

Front panel is made of 10mm thick slant aluminum panel and follows the elegant design of EA-550/EA-350.

The chassis base and cover are made of 1.2mm-thick steel plate, which, together with the front panel, provides a strong chassis structure.

The foot is equipped with a heavy metal insulator to isolate external vibrations.

◆V-I/I-V conversion type all-stage symmetrical non feedback amplifier circuit using all discrete components

Negative feedback amplifiers, which are the mainstream of modern amplifiers, constantly compare the input and output signals of both semiconductors and vacuum tubes, and use the difference (correction signal) as the input signal,

The difference (correction signal) is used as the input signal for amplification, enabling low-cost, high-precision amplification.

However, there is a time delay between the input and output signals that cannot be resolved in principle, which causes TIM distortion and other problems,

This is one of the major reasons why negative feedback amplifiers are not satisfactory in terms of sound quality.

◆PhaseMation uses non-feedback amplifiers for all amplifiers (both semiconductors and vacuum tubes).

Since non-feedback amplifiers do not have correction operation like negative feedback amplifiers, they require high precision and technology in their component parts and circuits.

As a result, the sound source (record) information can be reproduced in its entirety, and from the aspect of sound quality, it is possible to reproduce music with excellent musicality in terms of expression of musical dynamism, dynamics, shading, and so on.

◆Efficient functions

Two input terminals are provided, each of which can be switched between MM and MC.

Low Cut Filter" with 2-stage CR non-reduction type: reproduces warped vinyl records without sound quality deterioration and prevents speaker (woofer) shaking.

Equipped with 3 types of playback curve switching SW

In addition to the conventional RIAA characteristics for STEREO, Mono1 (for use with DECCA labels, etc.) and Mono2 (for use with Columbia labels, etc.) are provided as monaural-only equalizer characteristics.

This enables higher fidelity reproduction of both DECCA and Columbia labels.

Equipped with a "demagnetization" circuit

By selecting "degauss" in INPUT and playing a record for about 30 seconds, the magnetized MC cartridge with an iron core is demagnetized and the sound quality becomes clearer.

◆Dual monaural pattern

The signal system consists of a dual monaural layout with the same pattern on the left and right channels to achieve uniform left and right channel sound quality, thereby realizing spatial expression with rich information.

◆Signal system: Adoption of high-quality sound components

For RIAA elements, which have a high influence on the sound quality of phono amplifiers, we use reputable high sound quality components such as 1% grade metal film resistors with a generous rated capacitance and micer capacitors with a silvered micer plate used as the dielectric.

(When PLAYBACK CURVE or STEREO is selected)

The signal system uses Elna's Silmic audio grade electrolytic capacitors and 1% grade metal film resistors in key locations.

◆Power supply circuit: Adoption of high-quality sound components

SiC diodes manufactured by ROHM, which are known for their low switching noise and high sound quality, are used.

The rectifying capacitor uses a top-quality audio grade large capacitance electrolytic capacitor with gold plated terminals using low resistance electrode foil manufactured by Nichicon.

The decoupling capacitor is Silmic II made by Elna.

The use of low-noise Zener diodes, coupled with a shunt regulator that eliminates the feedback corridor, constitutes a high-speed, extremely low-noise electronic circuit.

The power transformer uses a newly developed high-capacity R-core transformer with low leakage flux.


Format:V-I/I-V conversion type all-stage symmetrical non-referencing phono amplifier

Input Sensitivity: 2.5mV(MM) 0.13mV(MC)

Input impedance: 47kΩ(MM) 470Ω(MC)

Gain: 38dB(MM) 64dB(MC)

Input converted noise level: -120dBV(MM) -140dBV(MC)

Rated output voltage: 200mV(1kHz)

RIAA curve deviation: ±0.5dB (20 to 20kHz)

Power consumption: 13W (100VAC 50 to 60Hz)

Dimensions: (W)286 x (H)93 x (D)252mm (including terminals)

Weight: 3.69Kg

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