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Roland DJ-808 DJ Controller 4-Channel Multifunctional Digital Mixer Serato

Roland DJ-808 DJ Controller 4-Channel Multifunctional Digital Mixer Serato

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Product Description.
The DJ-808 is a controller that provides DJs with a new level of performance by enabling fully synchronized performance with serato DJ and Roland hardware.

The DJ-808 is a dedicated controller that allows physical control of serato DJ, the software that has become a worldwide standard for DJ play, and features high-grade knobs, faders, platters, and multi-color pads for dynamic control of serato DJ on a Mac/PC. The TR-S is capable of playing the popular Roland rhythm sounds of the TR-8, and the VT-3 is equipped with a highly practical voice transformer directly derived from the VT-3. The TR-S is also equipped with a voice transformer that boasts a high level of practicality directly derived from the VT-3. In addition, this DJ controller is fully synchronized with serato DJ and hardware via AIRA LINK, and is packed with unique features unique to Roland.

Built-in kick, snare, clap, and hi-hat for Roland's TR-606, 707, 808, and 909 drum machines
Serato Sampler can be controlled using the TR-Rec capable rhythm sequencer.
VT Voice Transformer for pitch and formant changes, plus Serato key matching
Velocity-compatible RGB color pads for HOT CUE, ROLL, TR, SAMPLER, and more.
The large, ultra-low latency platter has an integrated, easy-to-read display.
The multi-effects pedal allows you to set up to four different effects simultaneously.
A full-fledged 4-channel digital mixer that can also mix external audio.
MIDI and AIRA LINK (USB) connectivity to external devices for synchronized playback with Serato DJ.
24bit/96kHz high-resolution operation.
Dual deck mode allows simultaneous control of two decks. Up to 4 decks can be controlled by switching decks.
Equipped with 100mm pitch faders.
Full version of Serato DJ is available. The well-proven Serato PITCH'n TIME DJ license is also included.
A Serato PITCH'n TIME DJ license, which is well established, is also included.

Full support for serato DJ, the standard software for DJ play
Compatible with serato DJ, the world's standard software for DJing. Use effect controls to dramatically change songs. Use the pads to play the sampler or generate radical glitch sounds, giving DJs the physicality they need to perform. Also included is a voucher card that allows you to obtain the high-quality time-stretch extension "PITCH'TIME DJ".

● Drum sounds and step sequencer with ACB equivalent to TR-8
The DJ-808 includes the same ACB technology as the TR-8, including bass drums, snare drums, hi-hat, etc. In addition to the TR-808 and TR-909, the DJ-808 also includes the TR-707, TR-909, TR-708, TR-708, TR-909, TR-707, TR-908, TR-909, TR-708, and TR-708. TR-707 and TR-606 sounds are also included. Each sound can be played using the step sequencer and volume fader corresponding to the traditional TR-REC, and can be fully synchronized with the serato DJ tempo, as well as with the DJ-808's unique functions, such as playing samples loaded into the serato DJ sampler using the step sequencer. The DJ-808 is also equipped with functions that are unique to the DJ-808.

The DJ-808 is also equipped with the VT-3's popular voice effectors, such as auto pitch and reverb.
The DJ-808 includes a selection of voice effectors popular on the VT-3 voice transformer, including standard reverbs and reverbs, as well as a reverb. In addition to standard reverbs, the DJ-808 offers tricky expressions with the independently controllable PITCH and FORMANT. In addition, AUTO PITCH, which has become a standard voice effect, can detect the key information of the song being played on serato DJ and automatically set the scale.

Synchronized performance with Roland hardware via AIRA LINK
The DJ-808 also functions as a platform for AIRA LINK, which enables transmission and reception of audio and synchronization signals via a single USB cable, making it possible to synchronize the latest Roland gear such as the AIRA series and JD-X series with serato DJ in real time without difficult settings. The hardware audio is controlled by the mixer's 3-way audio output. Since the hardware audio is launched on 3 or 4 channels of the mixer, you can use the faders to control the volume and apply effects built into the DJ-808, just as you would with audio from a PC. Easy hardware installation and seamless synchronization with software provide new performance possibilities for PCDJ.

Main Specifications
Signal Processing
Sampling frequency: 96kHz, 48kHz, 44.1kHz
AD converter: 24-bit
DA converter: 32-bit
Input level
INPUT (1 to 4) (RCA pin type, LINE input mode): -12dBu
INPUT (1, 2) (RCA pin type, PHONO input mode): -39dBu
MIC IN (combo type): -60dBu
Specified Output Levels
MASTER OUT 1: +6dBu (balanced)
BOOTH OUT: +6dBu (balanced)
Head Room
Input impedance
INPUT (1 to 4) (RCA pin type): 47kΩ min.
MIC IN (combo type): 7kΩ min.
Output impedance
MASTER OUT 1: 600Ω (balanced)
MASTER OUT 2: 1kΩ (unbalanced)
BOOTH OUT: 600Ω (balanced)
Frequency Response
96.0kHz: 20Hz to 40kHz (+0/-2dB)
48.0kHz: 20Hz to 22kHz (+0/-2dB)
44.1kHz: 20Hz to 20kHz (+0/-2dB)
Noise level
INPUT (1-4) → MASTER OUTPUT 1: 83dBu typ.
(GAIN knob: minimum, input 1kΩ terminated, channel fader: maximum, IHF-A, typ.)
Dynamic range
Connection terminals
INPUT (1-4) terminals: RCA pin type
MIC IN jacks: Combo type (XLR, TRS standard (balanced))
MASTER OUT 1 jack: XLR type (balanced)
MASTER OUT 2 terminals: RCA pin type
BOOTH OUT jacks: TRS standard type (balanced)
PHONES jack: stereo standard type, stereo mini type
USB HOST terminal: USB type A
PC terminal: USB type B
MIDI OUT terminal
DC IN terminal
Power supply
AC adapter
Current consumption
External dimensions
668 (W) × 427 (D) × 84 (H) mm
6.8kg (excluding AC adapter)
Startup guide
USB cable
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