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Roland Electronic Percussion OCTAPAD SPD-30 New

Roland Electronic Percussion OCTAPAD SPD-30 New

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Roland Electronic Percussion OCTAPAD SPD-30 Black New


Brand New

It has been 25 years since the original OCTAPAD was born, which became popular among musicians around the world as an innovative instrument for controlling drum machines and samplers. This year, the newest model in the SPD series, the SPD- 30, inherits the OCTAPAD name and makes its debut. The SPD-30 is equipped with a phrase looping function that converts the player's inspiration into sound in real time, sensing technology cultivated through the development of V-Drums, newly developed percussion and drum sounds, and a user interface that pursues ease of use in combination with a large LCD. OCTAPAD brings a new level of performance expression to all players.

Phrase loop function for dramatically enhancing performance.
Unlike conventional recorders, the OCTAPAD is not designed for recording, but for real-time performance, with a new phrase-looping function that allows you to simultaneously use the three KITs to record over your performance, mute specific notes, replace performances, and change effects in real time. The phrase looping function allows the player to create and record a phrase, mute certain notes, replace the performance, and change the effect in real time. The phrase looping function offers endless possibilities to spark the player's creativity.

New OCTAPAD inheriting V-Drums technology
The OCTAPAD is equipped with a newly designed rubber pad with superior sensing performance, incorporating Roland's long-accumulated V-Drums technology and know-how. With a wide dynamic range from weak to strong hits, the OCTAPAD allows expressive performance of the latest built-in percussion/drum sounds.
 OCTAPAD's rubber pads are comfortable to hit and quiet. The OCTAPAD's rubber pads are quiet and comfortable to hit, and prevent mispronunciation due to crosstalk between pads, greatly enhancing its reliability as a musical instrument.

670 newly developed sounds and 30 types of multi-effects
OCTAPAD has 670 newly developed percussion/drum sounds built in. By simply selecting from the richly varied kit available, you can perform a wide range of sounds for a variety of musical situations. Each tone can be layered to add depth to the sound, and different tones can be switched, faded, or crossfaded depending on how hard you hit them. The layer function and 8 instrument parameters can be used to create a completely different sound from the original tone.
 In addition, 30 multi-effects tuned to percussion/drum sounds provide the power to create unique sounds. The OCTAPAD alone can instantly create the sound the player envisions. The ambience, equalizer, and limiter allow the player to create sounds that match the image of the song and the performance scene.

Equipped with 4 Trigger Inputs for Expansion
The OCTAPAD is equipped with four trigger inputs for expansion. The OCTAPAD also supports V-Pad and V-Cymbal with mesh pads, allowing for more expressive playing, such as rim shots and cymbal strumming.
 The FD-8 hi-hat control pedal and the V-Hi-Hat VH-11 can also be connected; by adding the KD-8 and FD-8, a compact drum set can be built around the OCTAPAD. Of course, the OCTAPAD is also an excellent companion for V-Drums, and by combining it with V-Drums, you can create phrases on the OCTAPAD and then layer them on the V-Drums for even more expressive performances.

Large, highly visible LCD and pad status illumination
The OCTAPAD is equipped with a large backlit LCD for easy viewing of tones and various parameters. Pad status illumination indicates the position of each pad, even on a dark stage, allowing players to play with peace of mind. It also displays the performance status of the phrase looping function, allowing the player to grasp the status at a glance.

Backup via USB memory stick and USB MIDI functionality
OCTAPAD is equipped with a USB memory stick and a dedicated USB MIDI port. This allows the OCTAPAD to be backed up to a computer, making it ideal for recording OCTAPAD performances to DAW software and for other PC-based music production applications.

Main Specifications
Pads Built-in pads = 8
Up to 4 external pads (sold separately) can be connected.
Number of tones Instrument = 670
Number of kits 50
Kit Chain 8 chains (20 steps/chain)
Instrument Parameters Tuning, muffling, soft attack, tone color, pitch sweep, volume, pan, reverse
Effect types Ambience (7 types), equalizer, limiter, multi-effects (30 types)
Phrase Loop Phrases = 50, Parts = 3, Tempo = 40-260, Resolution = 480 clock/quarter note, Recording method = real time, Maximum number of notes stored = approx. 10,000
Display 160 x 160 dots (backlit LCD), pad status illumination x 8 (LED)
Connections PHONES jack (stereo standard type), OUTPUT jacks (L/MONO, R) (standard type), MIX IN jack (stereo standard type), EXTERNAL TRIGGER INPUT jack (external trigger input) x 4, HH CTRL (hi-hat control) jack FOOT SW (foot switch) jack (TRS standard type), MIDI jacks (IN, OUT), USB MEMORY jack (for USB memory), USB COMPUTER jack (for USB MIDI)
Output impedance 1.0kΩ
Power supply AC adapter (DC9V)
Current consumption 600mA
Dimensions / Weight
Width (W) 541 mm
Depth (D) 272 mm
Height (H) 88 mm
Weight 3.8 kg
JAN code: 4957054403539
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