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Yanagisawa AWO2 A-WO2 Bronze Alto Saxophone New

Yanagisawa AWO2 A-WO2 Bronze Alto Saxophone New

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The "WO series" was redesigned in January 2014 to take it to a higher level than the highly popular 90 and 99 series.
In order to pursue the sound that Yanagisawa seeks, the design has been completely redesigned and improvements have been made in almost all areas.
The new model is a lightweight model and a heavyweight model, both of which have different concepts that will satisfy professionals.

The "A-WO 2" is Yanagisawa's lightweight model that inherits the qualities of the 902 model.
The tube body is made of bronze brass, and it is characterized by the warm, deep sound produced by the reddish-toned tube body.
The lightweight concept is also evident in its quick response and bright feel, while at the same time having just the right amount of resistance and a thick core that does not lose its sound.
Like the 902 model, this model is recommended as a first instrument, but it is also highly recommended for those who want to combine the delicate and warm Yanagisawa-like sound with a light playing feel.

This model has been growing in popularity due to its high quality since its release, but production has not been able to keep up with demand, so it is chronically in short supply.
If you are looking for one, please contact us as soon as possible.

Tube: Bronze brass
Finish: Clear lacquer finish
Tone: E flat
Key: High F# key, Front F key
Tampo: Tampo with plastic booster

Special hard case, mouthpiece (A-4), original ligature, mouthpiece cap,
original neck strap, cork grease, original cloth
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