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BOSS IR-2 Amp & Cabinet Guitar Amp Simulator Genuine product Brand New

BOSS IR-2 Amp & Cabinet Guitar Amp Simulator Genuine product Brand New

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■Signature tone that fits in the palm of your hand

IR-2 is a compact pedal equipped with a versatile amp simulator and cabinet IR loader. While maintaining a simple user interface, it is equipped with 11 sounds that combine a variety of amplifiers and Celestion Digital's high-quality cabinet IR.

If you connect it to the last stage of your pedal board, you can use it as an amplifier, so all sound creation can be completed on the pedal board. No more carrying around heavy amplifiers or having to adjust the sound to match the amplifiers installed on stage or in the studio.

With the IR-2, you can maintain your signature tone whether you're performing on stage, practicing at home, or recording.

●Compact amplifier/cabinet IR loader

The IR-2 is a compact pedal with an amp simulator and cabinet IR loader. The sound you get when you mic a real amp is precisely simulated, allowing you to add authentic amp tones to your pedalboard.

Switching the amp type changes not only the tone but also the playing feel, allowing for a rich performance expression with a response similar to a real amp that responds to your picking. The sampling rate of 96kHz and internal 32bit float (floating point) processing provide a vivid yet clear sound.

●Various sound variations

The IR-2 features 11 of his amp types.

A wide variety of sounds are available, from clean and crunch to modern stack-type high-gain types, making it possible to cover all kinds of sounds with this one unit.

Each type comes with a preset Celestion Digital cabinet IR that maximizes your amp's potential, so you can start playing with professional-quality sound right away.

In addition, by using the dedicated app IR-2 IR Loader (Windows/macOS), you can import your own cabinet IR, further expanding the range of sound creation.

●Enjoy creating sounds

The IR-2 uses a panel layout that allows for intuitive sound creation just like an actual amplifier.

If desired, you can add natural reverberation to the sound with the AMBIENCE knob.

Also, since it is equipped with a SEND/RETURN terminal, it is possible to incorporate effects such as delay and modulation.

The RETURN jack also supports stereo (TRS) input.

●Use signature sounds in every scene

The addition of the IR-2 greatly expands the possibilities of your pedalboard.

By taking advantage of the wide variety of inputs and outputs, you can always get the same quality tone whether you're performing live, at home, or recording.

It's truly your own signature sound.

- practice at home

By connecting headphones to the PHONES jack, you can create sounds at home for performances on stage, or rehearse just like the actual performance using the sounds from the pedal board.

- Stage performance

When using the IR-2 on stage, the sound will be output directly from the OUTPUT jack to the PA.

You can perform with carefully created tones at home, regardless of the on-site environment.

In addition, the IR-2 allows him to switch between two tones while playing by operating the main unit.

- Recording

By connecting his PC or iOS device to the USB Type-C (R) terminal, which is equipped with an audio interface function, you can record to your DAW.

Of course, you can also play your favorite audio and enjoy playing along with it.

■Main specifications

●Sampling frequency: 96kHz ●AD conversion: 24 bits + AF method

*The AF method (Adaptive Focus method) is a Roland/Boss proprietary method that dramatically improves the SN ratio of the AD converter.

● DA conversion: 32 bits ● Internal calculation: 32 bit floating point

● IR cabinet data format: Mono, up to 500ms, 44.1/48/96kHz, 16-bit linear/24-bit linear/32-bit floating point

●Preset IR cabinet: 11 ●User IR cabinet slot: 11 *Same as preset IR cabinet.

●Nominal input level INPUT, RETURN: -20dBu ●Maximum input level INPUT, RETURN: +7dBu ●Input impedance INPUT, RETURN: 1M Ω

●Nominal output level OUTPUT A (MONO), OUTPUT B, SEND, PHONES: -20dBu ●Maximum output level OUTPUT A (MONO), OUTPUT B, SEND, PHONES: +7dBu

●Output impedance OUTPUT A (MONO), OUTPUT B, SEND: 1k Ω, PHONES: 44 Ω

●Recommended load impedance OUTPUT (MONO), OUTPUT B, SEND: 10k Ω or more, PHONES: 44 Ω or more

●Bypass: Buffered Bypass

●Controls: Type knob, GAIN knob, TREBLE knob, LEVEL knob, MIDDLE knob, AMBIENCE knob, BASS knob, pedal switch

●Indicator: CHECK indicator (combined for channel and battery check)

●Connection terminals INPUT, OUTPUT A (MONO), OUTPUT B, SEND terminals: Standard type RETURN terminal: TRS standard type CH SEL terminal: Standard type DC IN terminal

PHONES terminal: Stereo mini type USB terminal: USB Type-C (R)

●Power source: Alkaline battery (9V type 6LR61, 6LF22), AC adapter (sold separately) ●Current consumption: 160mA

●Battery life during continuous use: Alkaline battery: Approximately 3.5 hours (6LR61) *Varies depending on usage conditions.

●External dimensions: 73 (width) x 129 (depth) x 59 (height) mm ●Weight (including batteries): 450g

●Accessories: Warranty card, flyer (safety precautions, precautions for use, contact information), alkaline battery (9V type); already connected to the main unit

●Sold separately: AC adapter: PSA-100, Foot switch: FS-5U, Dual foot switch: FS-6, FS-7

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casey kirk
Boss IR -2 pedal purchase

Very quick mailing/delivery … packaged very thoroughly with abundance of bubble wrap 👍 the item in pristine condition… very easy and professional transaction… all the way from Japan even! Would definitely do business with them again.