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Takatsuki TA−300B Vacuum Tubes (matched pair) Output amplifier tubes Brand NEW

Takatsuki TA−300B Vacuum Tubes (matched pair) Output amplifier tubes Brand NEW

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TAKATSUKI TA-300B (set of 2) Takatsuki Tubes

The TA-300B, which made its debut in 2010 as the first domestically produced vacuum tube in 35 years, is now available again with even greater precision. The TA-300B is the first Japanese-made vacuum tube to debut in Japan in 2010 after 35 years, and now it is back again with even higher precision.

The base was also remolded from the mold, and the design was redesigned in black.

The ultimate in vacuum tube quality, made possible by the one and only Japanese manufacturer.

Please enjoy the light of the vacuum tube shining through the glass tube and the luxurious sound for adults.


Type ST type vacuum tube

Product NameTA-300B

Type Direct-heating triode

Filament voltage/current 5V/1.2A AC or DC

Maximum plate voltage 450V

Maximum plate current 100mA

Maximum plate loss 40W

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Customer Reviews

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Gerald F.
Own several 300b's inkl. EAT, WE, Elrog, but Takatsuki one of the best!

Have done some test, love Takatsuki and also very responsive and trusted seller! Already bought 4 300b's of them and tested well with my RoeTest v11 professional tube Tester!