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Analog Relax EX500 MC Stereo Cartridge Made in Japan Genuine product New BTO

Analog Relax EX500 MC Stereo Cartridge Made in Japan Genuine product New BTO

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Analog Relax EX500 Cartridge

Carefully selected “Tone Wood Maple”, a special wood for violin production, is used for the body.

"Custom super elliptical needle" polished more precisely than a regular stylus

Sterling silver wire for coil

Description of item

■Tone Wood Maple, a special wood for violin production, is carefully selected for the body.

At Analog Relax, we have been particular about using solid wood for the cartridge body. Why?

Using resin or metal for the body, like cartridges made by other companies, has a much better manufacturing yield and efficiency.

But why do we insist on using wood?

This is because we consider cartridges to be an instrument for playing music (records).

What are most of the famous musical instruments made of? Yes, most of them are made of wood.

You could say it's inevitable.

This is because, as you know, each cell in wood is surrounded by a cell wall whose main material is cellulose. By drying, the water inside the cells is removed, but because of the cell walls, they retain their shape, leaving uneven, microscopic spaces (holes) behind. The air inside the hall vibrates, creating an organic sound.

Therefore, various woods have been used for musical instruments since ancient times, and even in modern times, wood is still the main choice for musical instruments.

If you use resin or metal, you can get the uniformity of the material, but you will never get the same sound as wood.

For this reason, we are particular about using wood for the body.

The newly released "EX500" is a model that further evolves this commitment.

For the EX500's body, we carefully selected the highest quality hard maple that is used for violin necks and backboards.

The body is made from carefully selected maple, which is the highest quality for making musical instruments, and is mainly produced in Romania.

Please enjoy the tones that can only be obtained with Tone Wood selected for musical instruments.

We use a "custom-made super-elliptical needle" that has been polished more precisely than a regular stylus, and the coil is carefully wrapped with sterling silver wire.

The sound you get from the unique resonance of the Tone Wood hard maple body allows the instrument to reverberate freely, filling your room with a refreshing atmosphere.

Please listen to the sounds of live instruments and live vocals.

I'm sure you'll be amazed at the stage unfolding before your eyes, and you'll find yourself smiling.

That sound is truly ``a sound that nourishes the soul.''

Please experience the sound for yourself.

This product is completely made to order.

After confirming your payment, our skilled craftsmen will begin production.

All items are handmade by craftsmen in Japan.

Since the solid wood body is a natural product, there will be individual differences in color, wood grain, etc.

The color of the wood grain changes over time.

Therefore, shipping will take approximately 4 weeks after ordering.

Cancellations are not possible as this product is completely made to order.

Please note.

・Coil: Pure silver

・Cantilever: Aluminum

・Hands: Super elliptical diamond (precision super polished finish)

・Body: Machined solid Romanian hard maple wood (Tone Wood, a material exclusively used for violin production)

・Output voltage: 0.5mv (1kHz) or more

・Internal impedance: 15Ω

・Proper stylus pressure: 2.0g

・Magnet: Neodymium multi-magnet

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