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ARIA Neck heating iron for guitar XA0002MC 1C2U Guitar repair tools genuine New

ARIA Neck heating iron for guitar XA0002MC 1C2U Guitar repair tools genuine New

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ARIA XA0002MC Neck Heating Iron for Guitar

This tool is used to correct neck distortion, warping and neck raises that cannot be adjusted with a truss rod.

The application of heat softens the adhesive between the fingerboard and neck material, and the position of the adhesive can be adjusted to correct the problem.

How to use the neck adjuster

1) Check the neck bend. Check the area of the neck that is most severely bent. 2.

(2) If the neck is equipped with an adjusting rod

(A) If the neck is forward warped, loosen it completely.

(B) If the neck is warped backward, loosen completely and then tighten 1-2 times. 3.

3. loosen the strings and remove the strings from the top of the fingerboard. 4.

Place the spacer on the fingerboard. 5.

Place the neck adjuster on top of the spacer and tighten with the clamps. 6.

Connect the power cord and turn the temperature control knob to heat the neck. 7.

After heating, turn off the power and leave the neck until it cools down.

Main unit dimensions: 440(L)×65(W)×42(H) [mm]

Accessories: U type clamp X2, C type clamp X1, power cord

2 types of wooden spacers included    

※Handling this product requires appropriate skills and knowledge. Please consider only those who can handle this product at their own risk. We cannot guarantee any breakage or damage to the instrument or its parts that may occur during personal use. Please understand this in advance. Guitar is not included.

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