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BOSS GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Equipped with ZEN-Core

BOSS GM-800 Guitar Synthesizer Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Equipped with ZEN-Core

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The GM-800 is a next-generation guitar synthesizer that can be played on guitars and basses equipped with Roland's new digital serial GK pickups. It features Roland's "ZEN-Core" sound engine for the most versatile tone set ever, from cutting-edge digital synthesizers and classic analog synth sounds to pianos, strings, and saxophones, and can play up to four sounds simultaneously from over 1,200 different tones.

Access to the Roland Cloud allows you to add tones from a vast library, expanding the possibilities for sound creation to an infinite number of sounds.

Over 90 effects are available for deep sound creation. The GM-800 can also be used as a MIDI source, so you can connect a MIDI keyboard to the GM-800 and play it. The GM-800 is a guitar synthesizer that gives musicians even more expressive possibilities.

The GM-800 is a guitar synthesizer that brings new possibilities to guitar and bass players with its new Digital Serial GK pickups.

2. equipped with Roland's latest synthesizer sound engine "ZEN-Core" that continues to evolve

3. natural playing feel by further improving tracking accuracy

4. over 1,200 built-in tones, allowing you to create your own sounds by combining four tones

Roland Cloud support. 5. support for Roland Cloud, enabling expansion of tones from an extensive library (Sound Pack, Wave Expansion). 6.

6. more than 90 effects

7. many synthesizer-specific parameters for each tone, including effects, level, pan, pitch, strings used, fret range, and more

8. many adjustable synthesizer parameters

8. up to 150 sounds can be saved

Slim and rugged design for easy pedalboard or tabletop space

GK OUT for linking with other guitar synthesizers that support the digital serial GK method

11. support for adding external footswitches and expression pedals

USB audio/MIDI support and Guitar / Bass to MIDI functionality 13.

MIDI keyboard performance as a synthesizer sound source

Over 70 rhythm voices for use with external sequencers, etc.


Sound Source: ZEN-Core ●Number of Parts: 5 (4 play parts, 1 rhythm part)

Preset tones: 1,200+, Preset drum kits: 70+, Imported tones: 256 ● Scenes: 150

Effects Part multi-effects: 1 system per part, 93 types

       Part EQ: 1 system per part

       Reverb: 7 types

       Chorus Delay: 9 types

       Scene multi-effects: 2 systems, 93 types (selectable serial or parallel connection)

       Master EQ/Compressor

Regulated output level OUTPUT (L/PHONES, R/MONO): -10dBu

Maximum output level OUTPUT (L/PHONES, R/MONO): +7dBu

Output impedance OUTPUT(L/PHONES, R/MONO): 44 Ω

Recommended load impedance OUTPUT (L/PHONES, R/MONO): 10k Ω or more (44 Ω or more when headphones are connected)

Controls: SCENE ▼ switch, SCENE ▲ switch, CTL1 - 2 switch, PART1 - 4 buttons, PART R button, EXIT button, WRITE button, MENU button,

        PAGE button, 1 - 4 knob, SELECT knob, OUTPUT LEVEL knob

Display: Graphic LCD 256 × 80 dots

Connection terminals GK IN terminal: TRS standard type (for BGK cable only), GK OUT terminal: TRS standard type (for BGK cable only),

      OUTPUT (L/PHONES) terminal: TRS standard type, OUTPUT (R/MONO) terminal: Standard type

      CTL3, 4/EXP1 terminals, CTL5, 6/EXP2 terminals: TRS standard type,

      USB COMPUTER terminal: USB B type (High-Speed USB, audio, MIDI compatible), USB MEMORY terminal, MIDI (IN, OUT) terminal, DC IN terminal

Storage media: USB memory device (sold separately) ● Power supply: AC adapter ● Current consumption: 840 mA

External dimensions: 246 (W) × 134 (D) × 63 (H) mm (excluding rubber feet), 246 (W) × 134 (D) × 65 (H) mm (including rubber feet)

Weight (excluding AC adapter): 1.2 kg

Accessories: AC adapter (PSB-1U + AC cord set), Quick Start, "Safety Precautions" leaflet, rubber feet × 4, warranty card

Optional accessories: Divided pickups: GK-5 (for guitar), GK-5B (for bass)

     Serial GK Cable: BGK-15 (4.5m), BGK-30 (9m)

     GK Converter: GKC-DA, GKC-AD

     Footswitches: FS-5U, FS-5L, FS-6, FS-7

     Expression pedals: EV-30, FV-500L, FV-500H, Roland EV-5

     AC adapter (PSB-1U) (* 1) * 1 Please specify PSB-100 when purchasing.

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