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BOSS SD-1-B50A SUPER OverDrive 50th Anniversary Limited of 7,000 units world New

BOSS SD-1-B50A SUPER OverDrive 50th Anniversary Limited of 7,000 units world New

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*Released on November 25th

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the BOSS brand in 2023, we will release a special model SD-1-B50A with a metallic-painted housing decorated with silver screws, golden knob caps, and a commemorative emblem.

He was given a special 4-digit serial number and is housed in a box with a commemorative emblem.

This collector's item with the drive sound that has been loved for many years is limited to 7,000 units worldwide.

●Asymmetric clipping circuit that defines overdrive

In 1977, BOSS created a new pedal effect category - the Compact Pedal Series.

The first in the series, the OD-1, was introduced as a natural overdrive pedal that overturned conventional concepts.

Asymmetric clipping, which generates rich even-numbered harmonics, delivers the pleasant sound and response of a cranked-up tube amp at any volume, earning high praise from guitarists around the world.

Three years later, this groundbreaking pedal design evolved into the SD-1. By adding a tone knob that can be freely controlled from low to high frequencies, we have arrived at a complete overdrive.

●Supreme overdrive sound

The SD-1 is a pedal that allows all guitarists, from beginners to professionals, to get the ideal overdrive sound.

Its natural response and exquisite mid-boost bring out the charm of the guitar sound to the fullest, making it useful in a variety of situations.

Low gain settings are perfect for backing, and high gain settings are perfect for lead play.

The SD-1 responds sensitively to input levels, so you can create different shades of overdrive sounds just by controlling the guitar's volume.


Warranty card, leaflet (safety precautions, precautions for use, service contact)

Manganese battery (9V type, already connected to the main unit)

Sold separately

AC adapter (PSA-100)

External dimensions/mass

Width (W) 73 mm Depth (D) 129 mm Height (H) 59 mm

Weight (including batteries) 360 g

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