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Boss SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay Effects Pedal Brand New

Boss SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay Effects Pedal Brand New

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Boss SDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay Effects Pedal May 27th on sale from japan


Brand New

Floor pedal equipped with two Roland SDE-3000 digital delays introduced in 1983

The SDE-3000 is Roland's most famous rack-type digital delay machine. The SDE-3000 was born in 1983, at the dawn of the digital delay era.
It was used by a wide range of musicians for its high-quality delay sound with ample headroom and high versatility.
It is still highly regarded today as the one and only vintage digital delay with a clear yet warm sound. The modulation effect that gives the delay its distinctive shimmer and breadth is one of the main reasons why it continues to attract so many fans.
The SDE-3000D faithfully reproduces this distinctive sound, while offering even greater versatility to meet today's needs.
Two stereo-compatible SDE-3000s are mounted in a floor-type enclosure for direct control. With up to 100 memories and support for MIDI and external controller expansion, the iconic sounds of the SDE-3000 can be used at will.

The SDE-3000 is a vintage digital delay that launched an era of digital delays. 
The SDE-3000 is one of Roland's best-known digital delays, a favorite of many musicians since its introduction in 1983, at the dawn of the digital delay era, and has gained popularity for its high-quality delay sound with a 100 dB dynamic range and versatility with a wide range of connection terminals, It was used by guitarists, keyboardists, and recording engineers in a variety of settings. The one-of-a-kind sound that blends naturally into an ensemble is a symbol of vintage digital delay and still attracts many fans today.

Unprecedented precision in reproduction
The SDE-3000D not only sounds like the original, but also faithfully reproduces all parameters, allowing you to create sounds just as you did back then. Even the secondary behavior of each setting has been reproduced, with the frequency response changing according to the delay time value. At the same time, improvements have been made for the modern musician. The feedback loop of the original has been recreated as an internal function. The same frequency response as the original or any EQ setting can be applied to the delay sound without the need for additional external pedals. A carry-over setting that leaves the delay sound when the effect is turned off is also supported. The memory capacity for storing created sounds has also been greatly expanded to a maximum of 100 sounds.

Beautiful modulation effects restored
The beautiful modulation effect that adds shimmer to the delay sound is an essential element of the SDE-3000. In addition to the DEPTH and RATE controls, which set the depth and speed of the oscillation, the SDE-3000 also features a phase switch function, and the shape of the LFO forms a unique triangular wave that greatly affects the beautiful modulation effect of the SDE-3000. In addition, the phase of the delay sound could be inverted to further accentuate the modulation effect, and in the SDE-3000D, the shape and behavior of the LFO has been re-modeled from scratch to thoroughly reproduce the modulation effect. Furthermore, the LFO waveform can now be changed from the characteristic triangular waveform to a sine waveform. Of course, a delay phase switch and feedback phase switch are also included, allowing the SDE-3000 to produce beautiful delay sounds.

Sound creation possibilities that surpass the original
The SDE-3000D is equipped with two SDE-3000s with stereo inputs and outputs, each of which has its own individual parameter settings. The flexible input/output jacks allow for a wide range of sound creation possibilities. The flexible input/output terminals support mono, stereo, and separate wet and dry outputs. The high versatility allows for a wide range of applications.

Highly versatile foot control
Compared to the rack type SDE-3000, the SDE-3000D employs a pedal type control system for easy real-time operation. The SDE-3000D can be easily integrated into a pedal board. The footswitch on the main unit allows for effect ON/OFF during performance, memory switching, TAP TEMPO, and momentary control not available on the original. This is also useful for precise setups in effect switching systems. The GA-FC is also highly expandable, allowing for the connection of multiple external footswitches, expression pedals, or GA-FC foot controllers to greatly extend its control.
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