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Boss SL-2 Slicer Audio Pattern Processor Guitar Effects Pedal

Boss SL-2 Slicer Audio Pattern Processor Guitar Effects Pedal

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A slicer is an effects pedal that creates rhythmic sounds by splitting the sound to the beat.
Introduced in 2008, the BOSS SL-20 Slicer comes from the twin pedal series, featuring two foot pedals and an intuitive interface.
Its unique slicing patterns and dynamic sound movement when output in stereo have been loved by various players as a unique effect pedal typical of BOSS.
The SL-2 inherits the spirit of the SL-20 and is a legitimate evolution. Despite its compact pedal housing, the SL-2 is a slicer with unprecedented originality, beatific sound, and high flexibility.
The slicing patterns, which have a powerful impact that makes it hard to believe that they are processed by a single pedal, can be further varied by utilizing the dedicated BOSS TONE STUDIO application.
The TONE STUDIO also supports stereo input and output, making it an effects pedal that will inspire not only guitarists, but also DJs, keyboardists, loop performers, and all other types of musicians.

1. a new slicer engine that creates complex effects for creative, beat-filled sounds
2. 88 slicing patterns (8 types x 11 variations)
ATTACK and DUTY knobs for adjusting the slicer sound
Maximum output level can be adjusted up to ±12dB. 5.
Tap tempo function available by holding down the footswitch on the main unit
6. output mode for outputting the sound from the stereo connection in various ways (FIXED, EFX/EFX, etc.)
BOSS TONE STUDIO, a dedicated PC application for Windows/Mac, provides even more slicing patterns
8. optional expression pedal and footswitch can be connected to control various functions
MIDI jack (stereo mini type) for MIDI clock synchronization and CC (control change) reception

SINGLE (2 types) Uses a single slicer effect.
DUAL (2 type) A type with two slicer effects
TREMOLO Tremolo pattern
HARMONIC Slice pattern with pitch changes
SFX (2 types) Slice pattern with various effects

FIXED (initial value) Same signal output from OUTPUT A (MONO) and OUTPUT B terminals
EFX / DIR Outputs effect sound from OUTPUT A (MONO) and direct sound from OUTPUT B
RANDOM Random output from left and right center
PING-PONG Outputs alternately from left and right
AUTO Smoothly shifts sound localization to the left and right
3D CROSS Sound localization moves forward, backward, left and right.
3D ROTATION Three-dimensional rotation mode

Main Specifications
Sample rate: 48 kHz
AD conversion: 24 bits + AF method
       The AF method (Adaptive Focus method) is a Roland/Boss proprietary method that dramatically improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the AD converter.
DA conversion: 32 bits
Pattern: 88
Input level INPUT A (MONO), INPUT B: -20dBu
Maximum input level INPUT A (MONO), INPUT B: +7dBu
Input impedance INPUT A (MONO), INPUT B: 1M Ω
Specified output level OUTPUT A (MONO), OUTPUT B: -20dBu
Maximum output level OUTPUT A (MONO), OUTPUT B: +7dBu
Output impedance OUTPUT A (MONO), OUTPUT B: 1k Ω
Recommended load impedance OUTPUT A (MONO), OUTPUT B: 10k Ω or more
Bypass: Buffered bypass
Controls: TYPE knob, VARIATION knob, ATTACK knob, DUTY knob, TEMPO knob, BALANCE knob, pedal switch
Indicators: CHECK indicator (tempo and battery check)
INPUT A (MONO), INPUT B, OUTPUT A (MONO), OUTPUT B terminals: standard type
      CTL/EXP terminals: TRS standard type
      DC IN terminal
      MIDI IN terminal: Stereo mini type
      USB terminal: USB B
Power supply: Alkaline battery (9V type), AC adapter (sold separately)
Current consumption: 95mA
Alkaline battery: Approx. 2.5 hours (depending on usage conditions)
External dimensions: 73 (W) × 129 (D) × 59 (H) mm
Weight (including batteries): 450 g
Accessories: Warranty card, leaflet (safety precautions, precautions for use, contact information for inquiries), alkaline battery (9V type); already connected to the main unit
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