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Casio CT-X5000 61-Key Portable Keyboard w/music stand ac adpter

Casio CT-X5000 61-Key Portable Keyboard w/music stand ac adpter

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CASIO 61-key keyboard. The AiX sound source is used to produce rich sounds from powerful lows to clear highs. The high computing power of the high-performance LSI naturally expresses the appealing sound of acoustic instruments. Equipped with a 15W+15W amplifier boasting the largest output in its class. The registration function allows up to 128 detailed settings such as tone, rhythm, tempo, etc. to be registered at once.

■AiX sound source with high-quality tones and rich expressiveness

The CT-X series employs the AiX sound source, which produces rich sounds ranging from powerful bass tones to clear treble tones. The high computing power of the high-performance LSI naturally expresses the appealing sounds of acoustic instruments, such as the pleasant tonal changes of a piano keystroke, the airy feel of a drum performance, and the rich expanse of strings. In addition, the system also offers excellent expressiveness through dynamic timbre changes in electric sounds.

AiX sound source with high-quality tones and rich expressiveness

In addition, a processor that performs high-speed processing of digital signals is used for each individual sound, such as melody sound, accompaniment drums, bass, and organ. Even in an automatic accompaniment ensemble, which is unique to keyboards, each individual instrument sound can be played with a high level of expressiveness that stands out.

Vivid support for keyboard playability

Accompaniment programs that fit the latest music scene

The K-5 has an abundance of built-in accompaniment patterns that cover a wide range of genres, including modern electronic sounds.

Easy-to-operate interface

The keys used for each function are arranged in a tiled layout. The easy-to-understand operation allows for more intuitive performance.

High-performance DSP & System Effects

As many as 100 types of DSP effects are preset. You can apply sound effects to tones exactly as you want them. Reverb, chorus, and delay are also included as system effects. Real-time adjustment is also possible for expressive live performances.

Extensive registration functions that allow you to register your favorite settings.

Up to 128 detailed settings for tone, rhythm, tempo, etc. can be registered at once. This allows for instantaneous recall and switching of settings whenever necessary, making it a powerful tool for on-stage performances.

Phrase pad for recording and recalling original phrases

By layering different phrases onto each of the four phrase parts, you can easily create band or ensemble-like tracks that cannot be performed by a single player.

Various production functions support music production

17-track MIDI recorder for recording original music

Equipped with a 16-track + 1 system-track MIDI recorder, the unit can record up to 10 original songs with a maximum of approximately 40,000 notes per song. Step recording and editing of recorded data is also possible. The instrument parts can be recorded one by one on separate tracks in the manner of multiple recording, and the song can be finished.

42-channel mixer for mixing many parts at will

The 42-channel mixer is ideal for mixdown. The mixer allows you to control the tone and effects for each channel, allowing for detailed performance expression and song adjustment.

61 piano-shaped keyboard

Touch response: 3 sensitivity settings, off

Maximum number of simultaneous sounds 64

800 built-in tones, 100 user tones

Key transpose ±1 octave (-12 to 0 to +12 semitones)

Pedals Terminals:

Pedal 1 jack: Standard jack

Pedal 2, expression jack: standard jack

Speakers: 10cm x 2 (15W + 15W output)

Input/output terminals

USB memory terminal: Type A

USB terminal: Type B

Pedal 1 jack: Standard jack

Pedal 2, Expression jack: Standard jack

Headphone jack: stereo standard jack

Audio input terminal: Stereo mini jack / Input impedance 9kΩ, input sensitivity 200mV

Line out jacks: standard jacks x 2 / output impedance 2.3kΩ, output voltage 1.9V (RMS) max.

Microphone input terminal: standard jack (for connection of dynamic microphone) / input impedance 3kΩ, input sensitivity 10mV

Power supply

AC adapter only

100 VAC power supply for home use: AC adapter AD-E24250LW used

Auto power-off function: cancelable after approx. 30 minutes

Size (W x D x H) 948 x 384 x 116 mm *Not including protruding parts, etc.

Weight 7.0 kg (excluding batteries)

Accessories Music stand, AC adapter, Japanese operation sheet

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