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denon dj sc live 4 All-in-one stand-alone DJ controller AC100-240V Brand New

denon dj sc live 4 All-in-one stand-alone DJ controller AC100-240V Brand New

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SC LIVE 4 is an all-in-one standalone DJ controller with 7" touchscreen, speakers, Wi-Fi, and 4-deck control. It is the world's first standalone DJ device to support the Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service!
The world's first DJ equipment to support the Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service (free trial license included).
Built-in Engine DJ OS
Club-playing specifications with Sweep effect and BPM effect
Four-deck standalone DJ controller
Wi-Fi connectivity. DJ play via streaming services, cloud storage, and OS updates can be done wirelessly.
Serato DJ Pro (certified license included)/Virtual DJ support (separate license required)
7-inch HD touchscreen with multi-gesture support
Built-in speaker with volume control
Three media slots (one SD card slot and two USB-A ports)
6-inch high-resolution touch-sensitive jog wheel with display
Main output jacks (XLR, RCA), Booth output jack (1/4", TRS), AUX input jack (RCA), Mic input jack (XLR, 1/4")
DMX/Philips Hue/Nanoleaf lighting control
Lightweight and portable design

Amazon Music Unlimited support
SC LIVE 4 is the world's first stand-alone DJ controller that supports Amazon Music Unlimited, designed with unique circuitry to support Amazon Music Unlimited and other streaming services. SC LIVE4 features built-in Wi-Fi and high-speed song analysis, allowing DJs to simply stream songs from their music library without prior song preparation. The SC LIVE4 has built-in Wi-Fi and high-speed song analysis functions, allowing DJs to simply stream songs from their own song libraries without prior song preparation.

Engine DJ OS" for computer-less stand-alone play
SC LIVE 4 is equipped with Engine DJ, a standalone DJ OS that enables laptop-free performance on stages and DJ booths around the world. Seamless hardware and software integration provides intuitive control of the features needed for inspired mixes and live performances, including "layer buttons" for quick switching between the four decks, and waveforms are displayed channel by channel on the full-color touchscreen. The center of the 6" high-resolution touch-sensitive jog wheel vividly displays deck number, track position, BPM, time, and other important information.

Compatible with Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ
SC LIVE 4 can be used as a dedicated DJ software controller for Serato DJ Pro (certified license included) or Virtual DJ (separate license required) by enabling "Computer Mode". The one-to-one integration of hardware and software displays moving waveforms and music library information on the HD touchscreen, and provides smooth access to functions such as FX for a variety of performances tailored to your preferred playing style.

Design for Creative Mixing
SC LIVE 4 is a 4-deck standalone DJ controller that allows DJs to play anywhere, and with support for streaming access to Amazon Music Unlimited, creative DJ play is possible in any situation without a computer. It supports streaming access to Amazon Music Unlimited, allowing for creative DJ play in any situation without the use of a computer. This compact and powerful DJ controller inherits the layout, functionality, and intuitive operation of DENON DJ's flagship SC6000 PRIME media player and standard mixer, combining club DJ setup in a single machine. With support for streaming play via Wi-Fi connectivity, a 7" touchscreen with multi-gesture support and three media slots (one SD card slot and two USB-A ports), SC LIVE 4 allows for creative live performances. Eight performance pads on each deck control hot cue, auto loop, manual loop, roll, slicer, and slicer loop modes for creative on-the-fly mixing. Four Sweep effects and dedicated knobs above each channel fader provide expressive control over FX and filter combinations. Further customize your sound with BPM effects in the FX control section, which features channel assignment knobs, time/parameter controls, FX level encoders, and illuminated engage buttons.

■All-in-One Audio
SC LIVE 4 features built-in speakers that are powerful and ideal for personal monitoring during live streaming/practice/content creation. With a volume knob and built-in speaker on/off switch, you can bring the SC LIVE 4 into any situation for DJ play.

Synchronized lighting control with Engine Lighting
SC LIVE 4 with Engine DJ OS, which supports Engine Lighting, allows you to control the lighting in sync with the music at the touch of a button. By controlling the color, brightness, strobe, and other parameters of Phillips Hue, Nanoleaf, and DMX lighting, you can seamlessly synchronize immersive lighting performance with DJ play.

[Technical Specifications
Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz
Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz
D/A converter: 24 bit

Main unit
Size (W x D x H): 71.8 cm x 40.4 cm x 10 cm
Weight: 5.8 kg


Compatible Software
Engine DJ OS
Virtual DJ (license required)
Serato DJ Pro (license included)

Supported hardware
Denon DJ LC6000
SoundSwitch Micro USB to DMX interface
SoundSwitch Control One

Supported Streaming Services
Amazon Music Unlimited
SoundCloud GO+
(TIDAL and SoundCloud GO+ are currently not available in Japan *as of November 2022)
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