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EDWARDS E-ALEXI BLACKY Alexi Laiho Signature Model Electric guitar w/gig bag

EDWARDS E-ALEXI BLACKY Alexi Laiho Signature Model Electric guitar w/gig bag

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A charismatic figure in the melodic death metal world who led the band as the guitar and vocalist of Children of Bodom.

Alexi Laiho model is now in stock!!

Super aggressive looks, simple specifications that eliminate waste.

I think it can be called the ultimate metal guitar!

Although the price is low, we are particular about domestic production, and there is no compromise in the parts installed.

It is popular for its high cost performance!

Alder wing body with hard maple neck through neck joint.

In addition, the cutaway on the 1st string side has a lower joint position than previous models, and the fingerboard is scalloped from the 20th to 24th frets, which, combined with the depth of the cutaway, makes it easier for players at higher frets. The ability is improved!

The pickup that is the key to the sound is EMG FH2, and the mini switch is equipped with a booster.

*This booster (MM-04) is a preamp booster developed to be installed only on the Alexi model.

It is an important element in creating his trademark sharp sound.

The bridge is equipped with Floyd Rose, and extreme arming is also perfect!!

The body back is engraved with "COBHC", which stands for "Children Of Bodom Hate Crew".



NECK:Hard Maple 3P


FINGERBOARD:Ebony, 24frets (20-24fret Scalloped) w/Black Pearloid Binding

INLAY:Black Pearloid SAW TOOTH


NUT:Lock Nut (42mm/R2)



BRIDGE:Floyd Rose (FRT-2000)


CONTROLS:Volume, MM-04 On/Off Switch

COLOR:Metallic Black Satin with Gloss Black Pinstripe

Gig bag included

*The image is a sample.

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