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Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ stage keybord Professional Model New

Hammond SK Pro 61 61-Key Portable Organ stage keybord Professional Model New

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■Organ section

Tube modeling system that reproduces the warmth of vacuum tubes

Full pipe organ sound

The minute response of a vintage Hammond organ is also reproduced.

Dedicated MIDI sound pedal board can be connected.

Modeling even the airflow of the Leslie rotor, faithfully reproducing its unique tone and three-dimensionality.

In addition to the authentic drawbar sound, the Hammond organ also features the sounds of Italian, British, and Japanese transistor combo organs. Works in a variety of styles

■Synthesizer section

The physical modeling synthesizer that digitally reproduces the analog synthesizers of the past is included.

Six oscillator types are included for easy recall of six typical configurations.

The "factory patches" are a collection of 100 patches covering all classic synth sounds, from leads to basses. Even those unfamiliar with synthesizers can enjoy it right away.

Piano/Ensemble Section

The world's most famous grand pianos are included.

The 12 category buttons allow you to instantly select a tone.

The Piano/Ensemble section has 300 tones in 16 categories for a wide variety of situations.

Hammond's unique Pro-Chord function allows you to easily create a rich wind ensemble by specifying chords and playing single notes.

~~~Main Specifications


Number of keys: 61

Touch: Semi-weighted, waterfall keyboard

Sound Source

Organ Section] MTW1 sound source, 61 simultaneous tones (tone wheel organ)

Piano/Ensemble Section] Sampled sound source, max. 128 simultaneous notes

Mono Synth Section] Analog modeling sound source, 1 simultaneous sound source


Organ Section]

Vibrato & Chorus, Multi-Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi-Effect 2, Matching Transformer, Leslie, Equalizer

Piano/Ensemble Section

In each section: Multi-Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi-Effect 2, Equalizer

Mono Synth Section

Multi Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi Effect 2, Equalizer

Master】Master Equalizer, Reverberation, Overdrive, Multi-Effect 2, Equalizer

Master Equalizer, Reverb


Internal memory, USB memory

External Connections


USB] to host

Audio] Line Out L, R, Headphone, Ind. 1, 2, Rotary Out, Organ Pedal Out, AUX In (with volume function)

Leslie] 11-pin (1 or 3 channels)

Foot switch 1 / Leslie switch, Foot switch 2, Damper pedal, EXP pedal

Power consumption: 22W


W100.4 x D32.2 x H10.9 cm

Weight: 9.3 kg


AC cord

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