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Hammond SKX PRO 61-Key Dual Manual Stage Keyboard Organ Drawbars SKXPRO New

Hammond SKX PRO 61-Key Dual Manual Stage Keyboard Organ Drawbars SKXPRO New

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■Stage Keyboard

Keyboard: 61 keys x 2

Power consumption: AC adapter (12V) 22W

Dimensions: W100.2 x D47.4 x H18.3 cm

Weight: 18 kg

Accessories: AC cord    

Organ section with Hammond's traditional drawbar sound.

Piano section with rich piano sound and various keyboard instruments.

Ensemble section with horns and strings to envelop the band ensemble.

A monosynth section with real-time control that directly reflects the player's sensibilities.

The piano and ensemble sections can be seamlessly switched between tones while playing.

The allocated button in the center of the section allows for quick section changes.

Pitch bend and modulation wheel for enhanced expressiveness.

Product Specifications

Keyboard 61 keys, 2-stage, with velocity, semi-weighted, "waterfall" style

Organ section] MTW1 sound source, 61 simultaneous notes (tone wheel organ)

Piano/Ensemble Section] Sampled sound sources, up to 128 simultaneous notes

Mono Synth Section] Analog modeling sound source, number of simultaneous sounds: 1

Organ section [Drawbars] 9 UPPER rows, 9 LOWER rows, 2 PEDAL rows

Organ Type] Hand keyboard: 8 (A-100, B-3, C-3, Mellow, Vx, Farf, Ace, Pipe)

Pedal keyboard: 3 (Normal, Muted, Pipe)

Percussion] Button: On, Volume Soft, Decay First, Third Harmonic


Section Components: 4 sets, LFO: 2 units

Mono Synth

Section [Oscillator].

6 types (Duo, Unison, Pulse, Sync, FM, Noise)

Filters】 4 types (LP12, LP24)

4 types (LP12, LP24, HP12, HP24), Resonance, Drive


1 LFO, 2 envelopes (Pitch & Filter, Amplitude)

Effects [Organ Section

Vibrato & Chorus, Multi-effect 1, Overdrive, Multi-effect 2, Matching Transformer, Leslie, Equalizer

Piano/Ensemble Section

In each section: Multi-Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi-Effect 2, Equalizer

Mono Synth Section

Multi Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi Effect 2, Equalizer

Master】Master Equalizer, Reverberation, Overdrive, Multi-Effect 2, Equalizer

Master Equalizer, Reverb

Key Map [Internal Zone

Transpose, Octave, Pedal to Lower, Lower to Pedal, Allocate, Pedal Sustain

External Zone] 3 zones (one for each keyboard)

3 zones (assignable to each keyboard key)

Controllers Pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, portamento, Leslie (bypass, stop, fast)

Storage Internal memory, USB memory

Display 320 x 240 pixels

Preset memory [Favourites] 10 banks x 10 numbers (combi), 10 numbers (page)

Combination] Factory 100, User 100, Bundle 100, Manual

Organ Patch] Factory 100, User 100, Bundle 100

Piano/Ensemble Patch] Factory 300, User 400

Monosynth Patches] Factory 100, User 100, Bundle 100

Custom Tone Wheel] Factory 3x4, User 3x4

Custom pedal registration] Factory 3, User 3

Custom Pipes] Factory 3, User 3

Custom cabinet] Factory 8, User 8

External terminals 【MIDI】IN、OUT

USB] To host

Audio] Line Out L, R, Headphone, Individual 1, 2, Rotary Out, Organ Pedal Out, Aux In (with volume function)

Leslie] 11-pin (1 or 3 channels)

Foot switch 1, Leslie switch, Foot switch 2, Damper pedal, EXP pedal  

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