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HAMMOND XK-4 61 Key Keyboard Drawbar Organ genuine product Brand New

HAMMOND XK-4 61 Key Keyboard Drawbar Organ genuine product Brand New

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Keyboard: 61 keys, velocity-enhanced, semi-weighted, "waterfall" style

Power consumption 15W

Sound Source MTW2 sound source, 61 simultaneous tones (tone wheel organ)

Organ section [Part] 3 (Upper, Lower, Pedal)

Drawbars】1 set of 9 rows

Organ Type]

Hand keys: 5 (TW, Vx, Farf, Ace, Pipe)

Pedal keyboard: 3(Normal, Muted, Pipe)


Button: On, Volume Soft, Decay First, Third Harmonic

■Effects [Patch

Vibrato & Chorus, Multi Effect 1, Overdrive, Multi Effect 2, Matching Trance, Leslie, Equalizer, Reverb

Master】Master Equalizer

Master Equalizer

■Key Map 【Internal Zone

Transpose, Octave, Split, Pedal to Lower

External Zone】 3 zones (one for each keyboard)

3 zones (assignable to each keyboard key)

Controller Pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, Leslie (bypass, stop, fast)

Storage USB memory

Display 320 x 240 pixels

Preset memory [Favourites] 10 banks x 10 numbers (patches), 10 numbers (pages)

Patches】Factory 100, User 100, Manual

Custom Tone Wheel] Factory 4, User 4

Custom Pedal Registration] Factory 4, User 4

Custom Pipes] Factory 4, User 4

Custom cabinet] Factory 8, User 8


USB] to host

Audio] Line Out L, R, Headphone, Rotary Out, Pedal Out, AUX In (with volume function)

Leslie] 11-pin (1 or 3 channels)

Other] Leslie switch, foot switch, damper pedal, EXP pedal

Dimensions W100.4 x D32.2 x H10.9 cm

Weight 9.4 kg

Accessories AC cord

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