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Ibanez Bass Workshop EHB1500-CTFL 4 String electric bass guitar w/gig bag

Ibanez Bass Workshop EHB1500-CTFL 4 String electric bass guitar w/gig bag

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EHB regular scale 4-string model with exotic heathered top.

In addition to being easy to carry, which is the biggest advantage of the headless style, this bass is also easy to play. And above all, the ingenuity of the "bass sound". IbanezBassWorkshop has reconsidered the headless bass, which was often said to be ``no sound'' or ``difficult to use,'' and created a completely new headless bass, ``EHB.'' …It is not an imitation of other headless models, nor is it simply a headless version of an existing design or shape. This is the birth of Ibanez's new base, "EHB".

■Ergonomic body design

The EHB body design is ergonomically designed to fit the player with perfect balance whether playing standing or seated.

The horn has a shape that balances the body and neck when played standing and is easy to hold, and the body curve on the treble string side was designed with particular emphasis on fit and balance when played seated.

The part of the body surface where the elbow touches is contoured to create a slope. In addition, all body edges that come into contact with the body are treated with smooth radii.

■Slanted body back

The back of the body is boldly cut so that it becomes thinner towards the bass strings. This not only improves the fit when playing seated, but also takes into consideration the viewing angle of the fingerboard inlay.

In addition, the back of the horn on the treble string side is cut into a scoop to facilitate access to the high fret range.

■Chambered body

The chamber has been processed to allow you to feel the sound of the body more sensually.

By experiencing the vibrations within the body, like with a hollow body, players will be able to better recognize the sound they are producing.

It also leads to a slight weight reduction.

■9pc Panga Panga/Walnut neck w/Graphite reinforcement rods

We adopted a 9-piece neck made of a combination of Panga Panga wood and Walnut wood.

Both are made of hard wood, making it easy to obtain a clear sound image, and are characterized by crisp sound.

■Panga Panga fretboard & Medium Stainless Steel frets

The fingerboard is made of Panga Panga wood, which adds a clear core to the sound image due to its hardness.

■Luminescent side dot inlay

The fingerboard features luminescent side dot position marks.

■Nordstrand™ Custom Big Split pickup

Equipped with Nordstrand™ Big Split custom pickups.

A split pickup with a rich bottom with a sweet tone. It naturally covers everything from sounds perfect for so-called bass lines to funky slap sounds.

■Vari-Mid 3-Band EQ w/EQ bypass switch

As the abbreviation "Variable frequency control for Mid EQ" suggests, this is an EQ with flexible mid control.

Normally, a 3-band EQ is one that divides the band into three such as HIGH/MID/LOW and controls boost or cut according to the focus on the frequency range arbitrarily specified by the developer. With this Vari-Mid, the user can adjust the focus of the Mid at will.

■MR5HS mono rail bridge w/string spacing adjustable saddles

We have adopted a uniquely designed and newly developed headless bridge.

Tune by turning the bridge end. In addition to its unique design, it uses a Teflon washer to ensure ease of turning.

The saddle can be moved 1.5mm left and right, and the space between the strings (interstring pitch) can be set arbitrarily within the range of movement. You can make detailed settings to suit your play style.

■Newly designed headpieces for EHB

This is a uniquely designed and newly developed dedicated headpiece.

You can easily set and release the string by turning it with a hex wrench from the back side.

It is lightweight, robust, and has a simple design.

■Schaller S-Locks strap pins & Neutrik locking jack

Features Schaller S-Locks strap pins that allow you to attach and detach the strap with one touch.

In addition, we have adopted a Neutrik locking jack that securely locks the plug and provides a stable playing environment.

■Finger ramp

Finger ramps provide stable form in any position and help improve playability.

The EHB series comes with a matte black wood panel that can be used as a finger lamp.

It is a special shape that matches the number of strings and scale of each model in the EHB series.

*The image is for illustrative purposes only. Due to the characteristics of the product, there are individual differences in grain and color.


■neck type: EHB4 / 9pc Pangapanga/Walnut neck w/Graphite reinforcement rods

■top/back/body: Poplar Burl top / Selected light weight African Mahogany body

■fretboard:Bound Panga Panga fretboard / Off-set Abalone dot inlay

■fret:Medium Stainless Steel frets

■number of frets:24

■bridge:MR5HS bridge

■String space: 19mm

■neck pickup: Nordstrand™ Custom Big Split neck pickup (Passive)

■bridge pickup: Nordstrand™ Custom Big Split bridge pickup (Passive)

■equaliser: Vari-mid 3-band EQ w/ EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot)

■Factory tuning: 1G, 2D, 3A, 4E

■strings: D'Addario® EXL165

■string gauge:.045/.065/.085/.105

■Hardware color: Black



・Width: 41mm at NUT

・Width:64mm at 24F

・Thickness: 19.5mm at 1F

・Thickness: 21.5mm at 12F

・Radius: 500mmR


SPOT model

Soft case included

Finger lamp included

※please note

Double-sided tape is already pasted on the back of the included finger lamp, and it is designed to be attached to the body with double-sided tape. When removing the glued finger lamp, the paint on the body surface may be damaged. Please be careful. Attachment and removal of finger lamps is the responsibility of the customer.

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