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Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS725-BCM 5 String electric bass guitar w/gig bag

Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS725-BCM 5 String electric bass guitar w/gig bag

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SR multi-scale 5-string model completed with attention-grabbing modern specs.

A three-dimensional arched body that enhances the sense of unity with the body, an extremely slim neck shape, and specially designed pickups and equalizers. The Ibanez SR is a bass that is easy to play and easy to use, embodying the most important playability for players at a high level.

Creating a "new base" that has never been seen before based on a solid concept. Reconsider your base with a theme and create an even more exciting base. And to expand the joy of playing with a bassist who resonates with me. Ibanez Bass Workshop is a project that Ibanez continues, proud of being a Japanese electric bass brand.

In 2024, 10 years after the start of the project, this is the SR model with the most modern specs that will be released on the occasion of the anniversary year.

■Multi scale

A multi-scale system was adopted keeping in mind that many players can play regardless of genre.

The parallel frets are set at the 9th fret, and the fret slope is adopted so that it does not feel difficult to play on both the low to high fret sides across all strings, while ensuring a sense of tension even on the bass strings without creating an extreme angle. .

■5pc Maple/Walnut neck

The neck, which combines classic maple and hard walnut for its rich sound and sustain, has a compact and easy-to-grip shape even when playing multi-scale.

In addition, the finish of the neck and back is a matte finish (matte black color).

■Panga Panga fretboard

This Panga Panga fingerboard has a woody texture and texture, is hard and strong, and features tight low range characteristics and high range characteristics with attack.

■Okoume body

The SR body is made of Okoume wood, which has rich mid-low frequency characteristics, and is molded to create smooth arches on both sides.

It uses a BCM (Blue Chameleon) finish that changes color like a chameleon depending on the angle.

■Fishman® Fluence™ pickups

This pickup features multi-voice with three types of sounds and a wide dynamic range. The top cover is finished in brushed stainless steel, which is the first of its kind in a bass model, making it stand out.

■Single Coil Mode switch (push/pull)

You can select between the two pickup modes by pushing/pull the volume control. Together with Voice Select, you can enjoy a total of 6 different tones, and in combination with a balancer, you can create a wide range of sounds.

When in single coil mode, only the inner coil is active for both front and rear.

■Fishman® Fluence™ Voice Select switch

Voice 1 (classical, fat and rounded sound) at the neck, Voice 2 (powerful, full dynamics sound) at the bridge, and Voice 2 Mid Contour (funky, high-fidelity sound with scooped mids) at the center position. ), and it is possible to switch between three types of sounds.

■Fishman® 3-band EQ

Fishman®'s first 3-band equalizer with a Mid control. The center frequency of the Mid control is set to 630Hz.

■MR5S bridge

The MR5S (monorail) bridge is equipped with a string pitch adjustment mechanism. Each string has an independent bridge, which transmits string vibrations directly to the body.

Additionally, the saddle can be moved left and right by ±1.5mm, allowing the space between the strings (interstring pitch) to be adjusted within the range of movement. You can make detailed settings to suit your play style.

■Graph Tech® RATIO® machine heads

This is a new type of machine head based on the concept of tuning almost one note in one rotation by changing the gear ratio for each string of the tuner. This allows any string (peg) to have the same amount of tune up and down with the same amount of rotation.

Note: Beyond the physical limitations of strings and instrument design, it is not possible to achieve a change of one note per revolution.

Example: If a string is completely loosened, loosening it one turn will not lower the string by one note. In addition, even if a string is stretched one turn more than the expected string strength or design strength, it will not raise the pitch by one note.

Due to the way the bass instrument is used and its characteristics, we recommend that you think of it as an auxiliary function for tuning down after setting it to regular tuning.

*The image is for illustrative purposes only. Due to the characteristics of the product, there are individual differences in grain and color.


■neck type: SRMS5 for Multi Scale / 5pc Maple/Walnut neck

■top/back/body:Okoume body

■fretboard:Panga Panga fretboard / Off-set white dot inlay

■fret:Medium frets

■number of frets:24

■bridge:MR5S bridge

■String space: 16.5mm

■neck pickup:Fishman® Fluence™ neck pickup

■bridge pickup:Fishman® Fluence™ bridge pickup

■equaliser: Fishman® 3-band EQ w/Single Coil Mode switch (push/pull), 3-way Voice Select switch

■Factory tuning: 1G, 2D, 3A, 4E, 5B

■strings: D'Addario® EXL170-5SL

■string gauge:.045/.065/.080/.100/.130

■Hardware color: Black


・Scale:901.7mm/35.5" - 864.0mm/34.0"

・Width: 45mm at NUT

・Width:68mm at 24F

・Thickness: 19.5mm at 1F

・Thickness: 23mm at 12F

・Radius: 305mmR


・SPOT model

・Soft case included

・Graph Tech® RATIO® machine heads

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