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Ibanez ES-3 Echo Shifter Delay Effects Pedal NEW Delay Sound

Ibanez ES-3 Echo Shifter Delay Effects Pedal NEW Delay Sound

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Delay pedal with vintage-like appearance that allows you to select between analog and digital modes
Analog mode Digital mode switch
While maintaining the ease-of-use of the previous ES2 model, the successor model, the ES3, features a new digital delay mode. The analog and digital modes can be easily selected with a single flip of a switch.
In analog mode, a delay sound is generated using a BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) element, and the delay time can be set from 40 ms up to 600 ms.
Like the previous ES2 model, it has a natural and warm sound with little sound fade and good sound extraction.
In digital mode, the delay time can be set from 40 ms to a maximum of 1,500 ms, allowing for long delay effects.
INSTRUMENT/LINE LEVEL selector switch for the input instrument or pedal
INSTRUMENT...Suitable for the input level from a standard electric guitar. Select this when using the ES3 as a guitar effect pedal.
LINE...Select this if you want to connect the ES3 to the back of a booster, to the effects loop (send return) of an amplifier, or as an effects pedal on a keyboard.
This is suitable for high-output signal input.

Classical and stable chassis design
Like the ES2, the fader is used to adjust the delay time, providing both a classic look and a comfortable feel. The mint-colored exterior is a classic design with a wooden frame placed next to the enclosure.
Tap function for optimal tempo setting while playing.
By setting a short delay time, you can reproduce the same effect as a chorus.
OSCILLATION switch for strong oscillation
Pressing and holding down the TAP/OSC switch turns on the OSCILLATION switch, which produces intense oscillation.
When ON, it is possible to create even more chaotic sounds by adjusting the FEEDBACK, sliding the delay time, and switching the MODULATION switch.
Note that a sudden increase in delay time when OSCILLATION is ON may damage the amplifier speakers.

Controls: Mix, Feedback, Depth, Speed, Delay Time
Switches: Effect on/off, Tap/Oscillation on (press and hold), Analog/Digital, Modulation on/off, Inst/Line
Input/output terminals: Input, Output
Delay time: Analog 40ms to 600ms, Digital 40ms to 1500ms
Size (mm): 116 (W) x 153 (D) x 57 (H)
Power supply: DC9V200mA center-minus, power adapter (sold separately) *006P (9V) batteries cannot be used.
Weight (g): 750g
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