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Ibanez FLATV1 Josh Smith Signature Electric Guitar genuine w/hard case Brand New

Ibanez FLATV1 Josh Smith Signature Electric Guitar genuine w/hard case Brand New

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Josh Smith Signature Model FLATV1

Josh Smith is a blues guitarist from Florida. Josh started playing guitar at the age of 6 and was hailed as a blues prodigy by the time he was 12, but he is a talented guitarist who has continued to improve his guitar playing throughout his career. In addition to his own blues band activities, he has also participated in tours with famous artists, and performed with Mick Jagger at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

His flexible and sophisticated guitar style, which incorporates the essence of jazz, funk, and country into his bluesy sound, has received high praise from legends such as Michael Landau and Joe Bonamassa, and is truly one of the most representative blues artists of our time. You could say he's a master guitar player.

■Slab body

Following traditional single-cut guitars, it uses a slab body shape with no body contouring. Compared to models with contours, you can feel the resonance of the body more.

■Seymour Duncan FLAT5 pickups

Equipped with Seymour Duncan FLAT5 pickup developed exclusively for FLATV1. In order to realize Josh's commitment to tone, the neck pickup is set to a slightly higher output, and the bridge pickup is completed with a combination of multiple alnico magnets, producing a bright, fat, twangy sound.

■Steel pickup mounting plate

The single pickup uses a plate mount system (made of steel, Ibanez original), which is essential for clear, fat, and twangy tones.

■Specially designed Control plate

The FLATV1 and AZS series hardtail models feature an original design curved control plate for easy access to all knobs and switches.

■Ibanez F1803 bridge

This is a hardtail bridge designed exclusively for the FLATV1 and AZS series, equipped with a Gotoh & Ibanez In-Tune custom saddle. It is in direct contact with the body, and combined with the titanium saddle, it features good resonance and long sustain.

■Gotoh/Ibanez co-designed In-Tune saddles

While the 3-way saddle is an essential element of the sound of single-cut/flat top guitars, it poses a problem with intonation and tuning accuracy. Therefore, Gotoh's In-Tune saddle has improved intonation accuracy by machining string grooves on the saddle. Another advantage of the string groove is that it eliminates the string misalignment that tends to occur with classic type saddles. This Gotoh & Ibanez In-Tune saddle was specially developed while inheriting that design philosophy.

First, in consideration of the preferences of modern guitarists who prefer skipping and hybrid picking, we set the string spacing to 10.5mm (commercially available In-Tune is 10.8mm). In order to equalize the pitch between strings, it is preferable for each saddle to have a small slope. To achieve this, the Gotoh & Ibanez In-Tune saddles have only the string grooves for the 1st and 6th strings set slightly deeper than the other strings. This prevents each saddle from being too low to the outside. In addition, by designing the sides of the saddle into a gentle round shape, we minimize the possibility of the saddle edges pressing against each other and distorting the pitch between the strings.

■Special Control knobs for FLATV

The control knob has been newly designed specifically for the FLATV1, showing Josh's personal attention to detail, including the height, aperture, and knurling size.

■FLATV joint heel

It uses a traditional 4-point steel plate joint.

■S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple neck & fretboard

The neck uses maple wood that has been treated with ESTECH, a nitrogen heat treatment technology. Wood treated with ESTEC has characteristics such as shape stability, durability against warping, water resistance, and resistance to temperature changes, and the technology has been patented in Japan.


Neck width: 42mm (nut)/56mm (last fret)

Neck thickness: 22mm (1F)/24.5mm (12F)

Fingerboard R: 250mm

It has a soft V-shaped neck shape exclusive to FLATV, which is different from any Ibanez guitars to date. A neck that achieves high playability by combining the rigidity and smooth texture of Estec Maple.

■Bone nut

We use cow bone nuts impregnated with oil.

The strings and nut slide smoothly, which greatly contributes to tuning stability, and resonance is improved.

■Gotoh machine heads

It uses Gotoh's Krewson type machine head, which has a reputation for tuning stability.

*This product is a special price item with scratches and dull parts. Please note that other appearance aspects are not covered by the warranty.

*Due to the characteristics of the product, the grain and color may vary from piece to piece.

Neck type: FLATVS-TECH WOOD 1pc Roasted Maple neck

Body: Ash body

Fretboard: S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple fretboardBlack dot inlay

Fret: Medium fretsPrestige fret edge treatment

Number of frets: 21

Bridge: Gotoh F1803 bridge

String space: 10.5mm

Neck pickup: Seymour Duncan FLAT5 (S) neck pickupPassive/Alnico

Bridge pickup: Seymour Duncan FLAT5 (S) bridge pickupPassive/Alnico

Factory tuning: 1E, 2B, 3G, 4D, 5A, 6E

Strings: D'Addario EXL110

String gauge: .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046

Nut: Bone nut

Hardware color: Chrome


Scale: 648mm/25.5

Width: 42mm at NUT

Width: 56mm at 21F

Thickness: 22mm at 1F

Thickness: 24.5mm at 12F

Radius: 250mmR

Hard shell case included

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