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Ibanez FRH10N-RGF Rose Gold Metallic Flat Nylon Electric Gut Guitar w/gig bag

Ibanez FRH10N-RGF Rose Gold Metallic Flat Nylon Electric Gut Guitar w/gig bag

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Nylon Electric Guitar : FRH10N, NEW COLOR

New colors are now available for the electric nylon model, perfect for living guitars!

Nylon sound guitar for electric guitar players.

I want to incorporate the nylon sound with a casual approach.

I want a nylon guitar that I can play without feeling too different from a regular electric guitar.

And it's a fun instrument that can be used not only on stage but also as a living room guitar.

The Ibanez FRH10N is a nylon electric guitar developed with these concepts in mind.

The natural nylon string sound that envelops the player when played on an acoustic, and the distorted nylon sound that lets you feel a new era when plugged in, will add a new page to your playing experience. It will be given to you.

A new model has been added to the lineup with the top of the body colored in rose and indigo metallic matte colors.

■FR shape hollow body equipped with side ports (side holes) (w/fan bracing)

Based on the single-cut Ibanez original FR shape, it has a hollow body with a thickness of approximately 50 mm and features fan bracing on the top (upper shell), which is common in classical guitars.

There is no sound hole on the front side of the body, but there is a sound port on the side of the body facing the player.

It has a design that makes it easy to experience the natural nylon sound in addition to a comfortable holding position that is less uncomfortable than an electric guitar.

■46mm width nut / 400mmR fingerboard

The nut width is about halfway between a typical classical guitar and an electric guitar, and the fingerboard has a 400mm radius.

This spec is intended for use by electric guitar players to achieve smooth fingering.

Additionally, this unit, which claims to be a nylon electric guitar, has a slightly lower string height setting than typical classical guitars.

■Ibanez T-bar undersaddle pickup

The piezo pickup installed under the saddle is an original pickup that is resistant to noise and outputs a wide range of natural sounds.

A unique design that extends the wiring from the center equalizes the pressure balance from each string and sends a balanced signal.

■Ibanez Custom Electronics preamplifier

This is a preamplifier with an integrated end pin.

Equipped with a mute switch that can mute the sound with one push. (powered by CR2032 x2)

■Sitka spruce veneer body TOP, sapele body SIDES & BACK

■Walnut fingerboard & bridge

■D‘Addario XTC45 strings (.028/.032/.040/.028W/.035W/.044W)

■Electric nylon guitar

A new genre of guitar developed with the assumption that guitarists of rock, metal, and heavy music will actively incorporate the sound and tone of a nylon guitar, and sometimes even the buzz sound caused by the large-amplitude nylon strings interfering with the frets. is.

*The image is a sample. Due to the characteristics of the product, the grain and color may vary from piece to piece.

Body Shape: FRH body

Top: Solid Sitka Spruce top

Back & Sides: Sapele back & sides

Bracing: Fan Bracing for FRH

Neck: C Shape / Nyatoh neck

Fretboard: Walnut fretboard

Bridge: Walnut bridge

Inlay: White Dot inlay

Tuning Machine: Gold Classical tuners

Nut: Material Bone nut

Saddle Material: Bone saddle

Pickup: Ibanez T-bar undersaddle pickup

Preamp: Ibanez Custom Electronics

Output jack: 1/4 Endpin jack

Neck Dimensions

Scale: 648mm

Width at NUT: 46mm

Width at 14F: 58mm

Thickness at 1F: 21mm

Thickness at 7F: 22mm

Radius: 400mmR

Soft case included


・RGF (Rose Gold Metallic Flat)

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