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Ibanez JEM77P-BFP Blue Floral Pattern Steve Vai Signature Model Guitar w/gig bag

Ibanez JEM77P-BFP Blue Floral Pattern Steve Vai Signature Model Guitar w/gig bag

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New signature model with blue botanical design on the body top, fingerboard, and headstock!

Even the pickup covers, knobs, and switch heads are all blue.

Front and rear humbuckers are equipped with Steve's new DiMarzioR signature pickups: Gravity Storm.

The neck is 5pc construction with maple wood sandwiched between walnut wood, and the Wizard shape, which is known for its thinness and ease of playability, has been refined specifically for this shape.

The volute, gloss paint on the back of the headstock, and the smooth heel are all features that are similar to those on Prestige and j.custom guitars.

The blue Tree Of Life inlays are reflected on the maple fingerboard with smooth edges.

The frets have spherical edges, similar to j.custom, for even greater playing comfort.

The "Monkey Grip" and "Lion's Crow" on the body, which are the features of the JEM model.

The "Edge-Zero II" tremolo bridge has a knife-edge fulcrum structure in the tradition of Ibanez's traditional "EDGE" tremolo bridge.

Weight: 3.56kg

Accessories: Gig case, tremolo arm,

Neck:5pc Wizard Maple/Walnut neck w/KTS TITANIUM rods

Body:American Basswood body

Fingerboard:Maple fingerboard

Bridge:Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge

Neck pickup: DiMarzio Gravity Storm (H) neck pickup

Middle pickup: DiMarzio Evolution middel pickup

Bridge pickup: DiMarzio Gravity Storm (H) bridge pickup

Hardware Color: Cosmo Black

Strings: .009-.042 Round Wound

Scale: 648mm/25.5"

Width: 43mm@NUT, 58mm@24F

Thickness:18mm@1F, 20mm@12F


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