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Ibanez KRYS10 Scott LePage Polyphia Prestige Electric guitar New w/gig bag

Ibanez KRYS10 Scott LePage Polyphia Prestige Electric guitar New w/gig bag

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Scott LePage (Polyphia) new signature model with an elegant gold color that is based on the AZ series and equipped with a Fishman pickup!

■AZ Oval C Roasted Maple neck

Heat-treated maple wood is used for the neck.

By applying heat treatment, it has characteristics such as shape stability, durability against warping, water resistance, and resistance to temperature changes.

The back of the neck is finished with a satin finish, providing a smooth playing feel.

This is an original neck shape created by measuring and analyzing the neck grips of dozens of guitars, both in-house and from other companies.

This is a comfort grip that is shaped so that it falls gently from the adhesive surface of the fingerboard and neck to the fingerboard edge, and the fingerboard edge is rounded.

The shape is accurately and reliably reproduced by ball milling.

The neck width is set to 42mm at the nut and 57mm at the 24th fret, and the shape has been designed with special consideration for ease of grip at the low frets and for playability in a classical style where the thumb is placed on the back of the neck at the high frets. It has become.

■Stainless Frets

It is well-maintained, has a quick start-up, provides good separation when playing chords, and produces clear sound even when playing single notes.

■A shallow body back contour and Super All Access Neck Joint

It has an original body shape that aims for a contemporary design.

The thin body contour and large elbow contour, reminiscent of Ibanez's flagship model S, create a sense of unity between the player and the guitar, greatly contributing to improved playability.

The deep constriction of the body makes it easy to handle when held or on stage, and provides high playability.

The angular radius on the front and back sides of the body is R3mm and R8mm on the back, making it an ergonomic design that allows you to feel the fit the moment you hold the guitar, regardless of whether you're sitting or standing.

The Super All Access Neck achieves high playability by carving a step from the back of the body with a height difference of 8mm, and by finishing the joint with the neck with a spherical surface.

By designing the cutaway on the bass string side to be shallow and maximizing the area between the body and neck, it maintains high playability while also achieving both good sustain and resonance.

In addition, the horn and cutaway have a large gouge shape that is reminiscent of Ibanez's representative model RG.

This makes it easy to play in high positions.

■Luminescent side dot inlay

Adopts phosphorescent material dot positions that boast high visibility and respond to performance environments that change rapidly due to lighting, etc.

Never lose sight of the sound you want to play even on a dark stage.

■Fishman Fluence Voicing switch for Scott LePage Custom Series pickups

You can play a wide range of sounds, from aggressive leads and backing sounds to vintage single-coil sounds.

〇Neck Pickup

Voice 1 (Vintage PAF): Vintage PAF pickup sound with ideal dynamics and output.

Voice 2 (Clear, airy chime): Fluence's unique neck pickup sound, featuring a fantastic high range, singing midrange, and tight low range.

Voice 3 (Clear, Vintage Single Coil): Clear sound like a vintage single coil pickup.

〇Bridge Pickup

Voice 1 (Vintage PAF): Vintage PAF pickup sound with ideal dynamics and output.

Voice 2 (Classic Hot Rod): Bridge position humbucker sound perfect for leads.

Voice 3 (Slightly Overwound Single Coil): Thick yet clear sound, like a single coil pickup with slightly more coils.

■Gotoh T1502 tremolo bridge with Steel saddles 10.5mm string spacing Snap and hold arm socket

The GOTOH 510 bridge, which has been praised by many players and brands as the definitive tremolo bridge, has been reborn in collaboration with Ibanez and GOTOH.

It uses a machined steel saddle and zinc die-cast inertia block to achieve a good start-up and tight sound, and is also characterized by a good sense of sound separation during chord work.

With a narrow spacing design of 10.5mm between strings, we have pursued the ease of picking across strings required by players who frequently use skipping and hybrid picking.

In addition, it uses an arm socket that can be used with the Ibanez Edge tremolo arm and ultra light tremolo arm.

The arm can be attached with a snap-in without having to be rotated like a conventional arm.

It is also equipped with an arm torque adjustment mechanism that allows the arm angle to be fixed or released depending on the player's preference.

In addition, a stud lock mechanism is also included as standard, which greatly contributes to tuning stability and resonance by firmly fixing the instrument with a set screw embedded in the stud.

Adopts 2-point floating support that allows smooth arming and arm-up.

■Graph Tech nut

Adopts a Graph Tech nut that boasts smooth tuning stability.

It has both clear sound and good sustain.

■Gotoh MG-T locking machine heads

Equipped with Gotoh Magnum Lock machine head, which has a reputation for tuning stability.

*The image is a sample. Due to the characteristics of the product, the grain and color will vary from piece to piece and cannot be selected.

Neck type: AZ Oval C Roasted Maple neck

Body: Ash body

Fretboard: Ebony fretboard w/Off-set white block with KRYS special inlay on 12th fret & Luminescent side dot inlay

Fret: Jumbo Stainless Steel frets

Tuning machine: Gotoh MG-T locking machine heads

Nut: Graph Tech nut

Bridge: Gotoh T1502 tremolo bridge

Neck pickup: Fishman Fluence Scott LePage Custom Series (H)

Bridge pickup: Fishman Fluence Scott LePage Custom Series (H)

Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3-way lever switch

Other switches: Fishman Fluence Voicing switch for Scott LePage Custom Series pickups

Hardware color: Gold

String gauge: .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046

Neck Dimensions

Scale: 648mm/25.5

Width at Nut: 42mm

Width at Last Fret: 57mm

Thickness at 1st: 20.5mm

Thickness at 12th: 22.5mm

Radius: 305mmR

Gig bag included

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