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Ibanez SRF705-BBF Electric Bass Brown Burst Flat w/soft case Genuine product New

Ibanez SRF705-BBF Electric Bass Brown Burst Flat w/soft case Genuine product New

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Ibanez fretless bass with 30 frets and piezo pickup

A piezoe that converts externally applied vibrations into voltage using the piezoelectric effect, detects the vibrations electrically, and obtains a stable oscillation frequency! I'll leave the complicated logic to Ibanez. . .

The built-in custom bridge with ABS plastic saddle, AeroSilk piezo system, and 2-band EQ are specifications that bring out the natural, warm tone that is the lifeblood of a fretless bass.

Portamento is a technique of smoothly changing the pitch one note at a time, so this is perfect for a fretless bass! This is a long-awaited model for artists who want one that can be said to be.

Gig case included

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●Custom bridge for AeroSilk Piezo System

The in-house developed Pi-ezo system is installed on a custom bridge with a unique ABS plastic saddle.

It achieves an acoustic and warm piezo sound that is just like a wood base.

●Piezo Level Control

In order to eliminate variations in the output balance of each string, the back of the bridge is equipped with an output adjustment trim.

●30 Fret Neck

30 fret rosewood fretless fingerboard.

The right horn part of the body is based on the conventional SR to improve playability in the high fret region.

It is being redesigned.

●5pc SR Maple/Bubinga Thru-Neck

5-piece maple/bubinga wood for long sustain and core tone.

Adopts a neck-through structure.

●AeroSilk Piezo system w/Active tone control

Piezo controls are volume and active tone.

With the piezo alone, you can create a sufficiently mellow and sweet sound, and even change the tone.

You can enjoy it. (Of course, MIX with magnetic is also possible.)

●Bartolini MK-1 Pickups

Equipped with 2 magnetic pickups (Bartolini MK-1), each can be controlled separately with 2 volumes, and a variety of sound makeup is possible with HIGH / LOW 2-band active EQ.

●Ibanez multi-string bass standard 16.5mm pitch adopted

neck type: SRF5 5pc Maple/Bubinga neck-thru

body: Mahogany wing body

fretboard: Bound Panga Panga fretboard

fret: Fretless

bridge: Custom bridge for AeroSilk Piezo system

neck pu: Bartolini MK-1 neck pu (Passive)

bridge pu: Bartolini MK-1 bridge pu (Passive)

equalizer: Ibanez 2-band eq

factory tuning: G,D,A,E,B

hardware color: Cosmo black

Neck Dimension


Width:45mm @nut

68mm @30F

Thickness:21.5mm @1F

23mm @12F


*The image is a sample.

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