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Ibanez SRH505F Electric Bass Work Shop Series Natural Browned Burst Flat w/case

Ibanez SRH505F Electric Bass Work Shop Series Natural Browned Burst Flat w/case

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The Ibanez Bass Work Shop series is based on the concept of "creating exciting new basses that have never been seen before.

The SRH505F is a semi-hollow bass with a boldly hollowed-out mahogany chamber body and spruce top, and Ibanez's original "AeroSilk piezo pickup The "AeroSilk piezo pickup", an Ibanez original, produces a tone similar to a wood bass.

Of course, there is no compromise in the pursuit of playability, which is the foundation of the SR. The fretless SRH505F is a semi-hollow bass with outstanding playability.

The fretless version is a popular hidden model with a narrow nut width of 45mm despite its 5-string design, and the comfortable playability of the SR series is maintained.

The sound is warm like a wood bass when the tone is turned down, and it produces a firm sound when the tone is turned up all the way.

This model is a must-have for any bassist.

Semi-Hollow Body

The 55mm-thick semi-hollow body is made of chambered mahogany and spruce, which produces rich resonance.

Contoured deep neck joint

The neck joint is made of mahogany and spruce, and the 55mm-thick semi-hollow body produces rich resonance.


The wide elbow cut is designed to accommodate a variety of playing styles, and is not only for playability but also for design.

Aero Silk piezo pickup

Ibanez's original piezo system produces a warm, acoustic piezo sound that is similar to that of a wood bass. In addition, to eliminate variations in output balance, there is an output adjustment trim for each string on the back of the bridge.

Accessories: soft case

Weight: 3.50kg

Neck:SRH5 5pc neckJatoba/Walnut

Top/back/body:Spruce top/Okoume body

Fretboard:Bound Panga Panga/Off-set white dot inlay


Bridge: Custom bridge for AeroSilk Piezo system

String space:16.5mm

Factory tuning: 1G,2D,3A,4E,5B

Strings: D'Addario ECB81-5 Flatwound

String gauge: .045/.065/.080/.100/.132

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