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Ibanez WH10V3 Classic Reissue Wah Gitarren Effektpedal Schwarz Brandneu

Ibanez WH10V3 Classic Reissue Wah Gitarren Effektpedal Schwarz Brandneu

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This wah pedal can be used for both guitar and bass with its range-switching system. It has a wide range and variable width, and the same amount of gain can be obtained at any position. Furthermore, with V3, it is now possible to switch bypass mode. Not only the conventional buffered bypass, but also true bypass is supported. This can be easily switched at the touch of a switch.
The Ibanez WH10 is a wah pedal that has been used by famous professionals for its wide range, good application, and wide variable range, and has expanded its name recognition.
The third generation model "WH10V3" follows in the footsteps of the first generation, which became a regular on the vintage market, and the second generation, which evolved from it, and makes its debut with revised specifications and sound.

The new model eliminates the DRY OUT and is equipped with a switch to switch between true bypass and buffered bypass, allowing the player to select the bypass method according to the pedal or amplifier connected to the rear of the WH10V3.
In addition, the switches and cushion parts have been reviewed to ensure a comfortable feel when the pedal is turned on and off, and to improve ease of use as stage gear.

Unlike the common inductor-type wah pedals that vary the amount of gain according to the frequency range, the WH10 uses an op-amp amplification circuit to maintain the same gain throughout the frequency range, a feature similar to previous WH10s. For example, by selecting the true bypass mode, moving the pedal to select the desired frequency, fixing the pedal, and then adjusting the amount of boost with DEPTH, you can use the pedal as a booster specialized for a particular frequency.

Another great feature of WH10 is that the wah effect can be switched between Guitar (350Hz to 2.2kHz) and Bass (175Hz to 1.1kHz) to get the best wah effect. (Note: The figures are based on WH10V3).
Some famous professional musicians, for example, enjoy the tricky and distinctive wah sound of the WH10 by applying effects to their guitars in the bass mode.

The same robust die-cast aluminum body as the previous model is now available in a black color, differentiating it from the previous model in terms of looks as well.

- Controls: Depth
- Switches: Effect on/off, Frequency range(Guitar/Bass), Buffered/True bypass
- I/O's: Input, Output
- Size: 100 (W) x 202 (D) x 60-84 (H) (mm)
- Weight: 815g (incl. battery)
- Power consumption: 12mA
- Power Supply: One 9V battery or External DC 9V AC adapter (*)
When using one 9V (006P) dry cell battery or AC adapter
9V/center-negative battery is required for use with AC adapter.
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