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IKEDA Sound Labs IKEDA MC cartridge IKEDA 9mono genuine Brand New

IKEDA Sound Labs IKEDA MC cartridge IKEDA 9mono genuine Brand New

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◆Developed to enjoy monaural records on modern stereo equipment

Designed specifically for monaural, unlike stereo cartridges with different wiring to accommodate

◆Body parts are precision machined from aluminum alloy to hold the generator unit firmly in place.

Cantilever is made of double-layered duralumin pipe to reduce effective mass and ensure rigidity, and oval stylus tip is adopted.

Excellent playback performance for monaural records made in any era.

◆Two low-impedance coils wound vertically on a high-performance PC core generate power efficiently only in horizontal motion.

Unlike conventional monaural cartridges, the left and right channels are electrically separated by separate coils, so there is no need to worry about hum noise.

◆IKEDA9mono meets the various requirements of a phono cartridge as a device, and has been carefully tuned and assembled to bring out the charm of the music itself, which is not expressed in its characteristics, for example, the charm of the music on the record disc.


Power generation method: moving coil type

Output voltage: 0.22mVrms (1kHz 50mm/sec. peak)

Appropriate needle pressure range: 1.6 to 2.0g

Playback frequency range: 10 to 45.000Hz

Coil impedance: 2.0Ω(1kHz)

Stylus tip: Elliptical solid diamond

Cantilever: Duralumin pipe, double structure

Weight: 10.0g

Connection method

 Right channel hot→Red, ground→Green

 Left channel hot→white, ground→blue

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