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IKEDA Sound Labs IKEDA MC cartridge IKEDA 9TT genuine Brand New

IKEDA Sound Labs IKEDA MC cartridge IKEDA 9TT genuine Brand New

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The IKEDA9TT was developed as a more user-friendly model while inheriting the expressive features of the existing cantileverless IKEDA9 series.

The body parts are made of aluminum alloy to hold the power generation unit securely, and damping materials are placed in each part to suppress unwanted resonance. The cantilever is made of a double-layer structure of hard aluminum alloy to skillfully control the adverse effects on sound caused by deflection. The line-contact stylus tip accurately transmits the information picked up to the coil.

The power generation unit with special PC material core, low impedance coil, powerful neodymium magnet, and ideally shaped magnet yoke enables reproduction without any unnecessary coloration.

While satisfying the various requirements of a phono cartridge as a reproduction device, the IKEDA 9TT has been repeatedly tuned and assembled over a long period of time to bring out the charm of the music itself, which is not expressed in its characteristics, but in the music contained in the record disc, for example.

IKEDA 9TT Specifications

Power generation method Moving coil type

Output voltage 0.16mVrms (1kHz 3.54cm/sec. 45°)

Appropriate needle pressure range 1.6 to 2.0g

Playback frequency range 10 to 45.000Hz

Coil impedance 2.0Ω (1kHz)

Channel separation 27dB or more (1kHz)

Channel balance 2dB or less (1kHz)

Compliance 7×10-6cm/dyne

Stylus tip Solid diamond, line contact

Cantilever Rigid aluminum alloy

Mass 10.5g

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