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Kawai MP11SE Professional Stage Piano Electronic Piano 88 keys black Brand New

Kawai MP11SE Professional Stage Piano Electronic Piano 88 keys black Brand New

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■Includes the top-of-the-line concert grand piano "SK-EX". Equipped with 3 types of grand piano sounds

The concert grand piano SK-EX and medium-sized grand piano SK-5 are newly installed from Shigeru Kawai, Kawai's best grand piano series. It is also equipped with the Kawai Concert Grand Piano EX, which was actually used at the Chopin International Piano Competition, the world's most prestigious piano competition, and has a total of three models of built-in grand piano sounds.

For these piano recordings, Kawai, who is well-versed in piano construction, selects the best piano and performs excellent piano tuning by the highest level of piano tuners (*MPA). By carefully recording each of the 88 keys of these pianos, we were able to create an uncompromising piano sound. The HI-XL sound source realizes a realistic piano sound with smooth timbre changes from soft hits to strong hits, less muddy chords, and extended decay, and fully expresses its quality.

■A rich variety of built-in tones

The built-in tones are comprised of three sections: PIANO, E.PIANO, and SUB, and each section has its own controls such as a volume fader, effects, reverb control, and tone variations.

By dividing the tones into sections by category, it is now possible to control settings such as layer, split, key range, and effects for each section as an independent instrument without affecting other sections.

■Make the piano sound just the way you want it with the virtual technician function

The outstanding technique of a skilled piano tuner is essential to bringing out the best performance of a concert grand piano. In addition to accurately tuning the tone, we also make various tone adjustments so that the piano can play real music.

The Virtual Technician function is a function that simulates the tuning work of a tuner and changes the character of the piano tone. You can adjust various items in real time, such as adjusting the weight of the touch and the hardness of the hammer, adjusting the noise when your fingers leave the keyboard, string resonance, opening/closing the large roof, and damper resonance.

Virtual Technician is also available for electric pianos. You can play it with an old sound, or you can play it with a new or freshly shipped condition.

■Amplifier simulator

The tonal characteristics of the amplifier and cabinet are important elements that affect the tone of a vintage electric piano. Using the amp simulator, you can play with analog-like warm and deep tones.

In addition to 5 different amp types, it is also possible to finely control the drive level and volume, and is also equipped with an equalizer and tone editing function. It is also possible to adjust the type of microphone that collects the sound of the amplifier, the placement of the microphone, and the volume of the stereo microphone placed far away. An amp simulator that allows for infinite combinations brings even more fun to vintage electric piano tones.


■Pursuing the authentic touch and rich expressive power of a grand piano

The wooden keyboard Grand Feel Action has an extended keyboard length and a fulcrum distance equivalent to that of a grand piano, allowing for delicate expression without a heavy touch even when playing deep within the white keys.

■Let-off feel and counterweight for a delicate touch

Let-off is the clicking sensation that you feel when you slowly press down on a key that is unique to a grand piano. Let-off feel is a mechanism that reproduces this delicate click feeling. All 88 keys are also equipped with counterweights. As with a grand piano, this allows the keys to return quickly, allowing you to quickly move on to the next keystroke, allowing you to play with a light touch even when playing songs that require repeated hits.


■Real-time control

The MP series allows you to assign various parameters to the controller.

With over 90 assignable parameters, you can control settings for reverb, effects, virtual technician, amp simulator, and more in real time. Additionally, parameters from the EDIT menu can be assigned to control knobs, and each tone section and MIDI zone has a set of assignable knob parameters.

For example, you can assign frequently used virtual technician parameters such as voicing and string resonance to a piano tone and perform them while adjusting them in real time, or quickly access the tone controls of an amp simulator when playing solo with an electric piano tone. You can easily perform operations such as momentarily boosting the midrange or increasing the drive level.

■Input/output terminals that can be used in various scenes

Intended for both studio and stage use, the MP11 is equipped with unbalanced output (standard) and balanced output (XLR/Canon terminals) jacks. The XLR and ground lift switches also eliminate unintentional ground loops, ensuring high quality output and allowing the MP11's normal phone jack to be used for simultaneous monitoring.

The MP11 also features a line-in jack for external input, allowing you to mix your PC or portable audio with the MP11's internal tones.

In addition, a standard MIDI connector and a USB connector can be used as two MIDI input/output connectors, and a wide range of additional settings in the system menu allow fine-grained control over MIDI event processing. This instrument's reputation as a full-featured master keyboard and flexible stage piano has earned it a reputation as a full-featured master keyboard.


■Stage Piano


88 keys / seesaw wooden keyboard

Grand feel action

Ivory touch (ivory finish)

Let-off feel

Piano sound source: HI-XL 88-key stereo sampling piano sound source

Number of tones: 40

Effects: 6 reverbs, 129 others

Input/output terminals

Headphone: 1 channel (stereo standard plug)


Line Out: Standard (L/MONO, R), XLR (with L, R, GND LIFT switch)

Line In: L/MONO, R

USB to Host: B terminal

USB to Device: X

Others:FOOT CONTROLLER (EXP terminal, FSW terminal, GFP-3 terminal, with EXP TYPE switch)

Dimensions: W1380 x H190 x D452mm (excluding music stand)

■Weight: 34kg


Warranty (Japan only)

Instruction manual

Kawai Digital Piano User Registration Information

After-sales Service and Music School Information

GFP-3 (3 pedals: damper (half-pedal compatible)/soft/sostenuto)

Music stands

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