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KORG KAOSS Replay Dynamic Effect / Sampler All-in-One DJ Performance genuine New

KORG KAOSS Replay Dynamic Effect / Sampler All-in-One DJ Performance genuine New

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While the original effects and intuitive touch pad controls are inherited from the previous model, a new sampler function has been added. Fully standalone performance. It supports input at LINE level as well as input at Phono level, and sampling by directly connecting a record player is also possible. Intended to be incorporated into DJ play, it is equipped with beat match, cue, and fader.


Stand-alone Kaoss.

Building on Korg's unique KaossPad legacy of inventive FX and intuitive touch pad control, KaossReplay takes this easy, intuitive and fun way to play even further, with an expanded pad interface and trigger system. for completely standalone Kaoss powered performance.

KaossReplay offers a new sampling and triggering system with 16 pads, an intuitive DJ-like cue system, and ready-to-use original Kaoss effects (including an easy-to-use vocal FX section) for any performance or DJ experience. Improve your performance with new sets.

Targeted at performing musicians, KaossReplay is the ideal all-in-one DJ performance tool that's easy to transport and ready to use on any stage. The classic Kaoss touchscreen interface, combined with an array of creative presets, makes KaossReplay an invaluable musical performance tool for any stage.

■Main features

[Standalone compatible]

A dream for DJs and performers, Kaoss Replay enables live performances without the need for any other equipment. Quick and easy setup means you can play sets quickly without wasting valuable time setting up tedious equipment.

[Powerful effects inherited from the Kaoss series]

Equipped with 128 powerful Kaoss effects for musicians and DJs, including creative and powerful vocal effects to match any genre or performance.

[Operation that is highly compatible with DJ play]

Equipped with beat matching, cue, and faders that are essential for DJ play, Replay is a performance monster that can easily handle long sets and DJ mixes that mix music genres.

[Various sampling functions]

Equipped with the Kaoss series features loved by musicians and DJs, such as real-time sampling and resampling.

[Supports power supply from mobile battery]

Equipped with a USB-C terminal, it can be powered by a mobile battery (sold separately).

[Audio interface function]

Built-in audio interface (48kHz/16bit). Equipped with surprisingly flexible MIDI surface modes.

[Achieving an intuitive UI]

The 5-inch full-color OLED capacitive touchscreen, 16 easy-to-use trigger pads, and menu navigation directly on the touchscreen (on the KaossPad) combine to provide a highly intuitive user interface.

[Connection options and drag and drop system]

Rich connectivity options and intuitive sample drag-and-drop system


●Effect types: 128 types

●Mic-specific effects: tone, delay, reverb

●Number of projects: 100

●Trigger pad: 16 (velocity compatible) x 8 banks

●Hot Cues: Up to 12 per Pad

●Number of simultaneous plays: 16

●Audio: Linear PCM (48kHz/16bit)

●Recording functions: Sampling, resampling (maximum 30 minutes), live recording (maximum 100 minutes)

●Input terminal:



MIC input: Standard phone jack (?6.3mm, mono TS, dynamic microphone compatible)

AUX input: Stereo mini (? 3.5 mm). Mix directly to LINE OUT.

●Output terminal

LINE/PHONO output: RCA pin jacks

HEADPHONES output: standard stereo phone jack (? 6.3 mm)


Footswitch terminal: Standard Phone jack (? 6.3 mm, TS)

Option: KORG/PS-1/PS-3 can be connected

●USB port: microB (MIDI, Audio INx2ch, OUTx34ch (48kHz/16bit).

*In Windows environment, installation of KORG KaossReplay Audio Driver is required.

●MIDI: IN/OUT (DIN 5 pin)

*USB port (INx1port, OUTx1port).

●External storage: microSD Card, microSDHC Card (32GB Max) Class 10 or above, UHS-I (U1) recommended.

*Operation is not guaranteed with all SD cards and SDHC cards.

*To ensure reliability, please use the minimum number of cards specified.

●External dimensions

Dimensions: 185 (W) x 284 (D) x 56 (H) mm

Weight: 2.0kg (excluding microSD Card and AC adapter)

●Power supply: DC 5V/3A


Operation manual (quick start guide)

AC adapter/KA440

USB cable (Type A to micro B, 1m)

microSD card (inserted into the microSD card slot of this device at the time of shipment)

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