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Korg KDM-3-CN Cinnamoroll model Digital Metronome genuine Brand New

Korg KDM-3-CN Cinnamoroll model Digital Metronome genuine Brand New

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A collaboration model with popular characters from Sanrio Co., Ltd. is now available on the digital metronome KDM-3.

There are three types of him: Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, and Kuromi, who celebrated their 50th anniversary.

with cute characters

If we work together, your daily practice will definitely be more fun!

*Specifications are based on the regular model of his KDM-3.


Tempo range = 30 to 252 times/min Tempo settings Pendulum step, full step, tap tempo Time signature range 19 types (0 to 9 time signatures, doublets, triplets, triplet hollows, quadruplets, Quadruple middle, Son Clave 2-3/3-2, Rumba Clave 2-3/3-2) Tempo accuracy ±0.2%

Standard oscillation sound C4 (261.63Hz) to B4 (493.88Hz) 1 octave Calibration range A4 = 410 to 480Hz (in 1Hz steps) Standard sound accuracy Within ±1 cent

[Main standards]

Connection terminal PHONES terminal (3.5mm stereo mini jack) Speaker Dynamic speaker (φ36mm) Power supply 4 AAA batteries (alkaline battery, Ni-MH rechargeable battery) Battery life Approximately 120 hours (tempo 120, 4 beats, mechanical Metronome, maximum volume, when using alkaline batteries) External dimensions 60(W)73(D)113(H)mm Weight 167g (including batteries) Accessories AAA batteries for operation check (4 pieces) Color variations Black (KDM -3-BK), white (KDM-3-WH)

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