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Korg KEYSTAGE-61 poly aftertouch controller MIDI2.0 Genuine product Brand New

Korg KEYSTAGE-61 poly aftertouch controller MIDI2.0 Genuine product Brand New

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★New sensation poly aftertouch controller, Keystage. Be the first to experience the unleashed MIDI 2.0.

The world's first Keystage to include MIDI 2.0 property exchange, delivering unparalleled connectivity and control that takes your music production to a new level. Featuring excellent touch response, polyphonic/channel aftertouch, MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), and more, Keystage's organic EL display provides easy-to-understand visuals and intuitive control.

It also features a powerful arpeggiator, various chord mode functions, a built-in audio interface, and wide compatibility with Ableton Live. Whether you're creating in the studio or performing live, you can focus on your performance without blocking your inspiration.

Inspiration can't wait

No need for time-consuming MIDI mapping or other tedious and uninspired tasks. When a melody comes down, you need to express the idea quickly and accurately. With Keystage, you can do just that. Keystage was the first to truly unleash the potential of MIDI 2.0, catapulting it to the forefront of MIDI controllers.

Just connect it to compatible software and it will automatically assign parameters and show their names on the clear OLED display. You can also see parameter names and values on the eight knobs that can be adjusted in real-time, allowing you to focus on your performance without interrupting your creative work. Experience plug-and-play magic with Keystage. Compatible with most DAWs, he has unparalleled compatibility with Ableton Live and KORG Gadget.

Express your own music Keystage is packed with features that will take musicians' musical expression to the next level.

The semi-weighted keyboard with excellent touch response provides a realistic performance.

It supports both channel aftertouch and polyphonic aftertouch, and is equipped with MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression).

These versatile functions allow you to manipulate a huge number of sources, making it possible to create nuanced and delicate expressions even in live performances.

Keystage's arpeggiator is extremely powerful and has features that surpass any other MIDI keyboard.

In addition to our extensive pattern selection, we offer unparalleled customization options including aftertouch-triggered ratchets, randoms, gates, and more.

Furthermore, in the chord mode where you play chords on a single keyboard, 32 of his chord sets are pre-prepared for immediate use. You can also save up to 32 types of user codes. For each set, he can assign one chord for each chromatic scale of an octave, so you never run out of chords. You can also play chords in a variety of ways, including "strumming" to play like a real guitar.

Keystage makes musical expression easy with a seamless, streamlined workflow.

Deep integration with Ableton Live

Keystage is integrated with Ableton Live, one of the most popular DAWs, allowing seamless control of transport functions and device control.

A must-have for live performance musicians, Live's innovative dual session/arrangement views, smooth clip triggers, loops, and powerful production tools support countless musical styles.

With Device Control, Keystage detects the currently active device in Live and automatically maps eight parameters. As you switch devices, Keystage reconfigures in real-time to provide a fluid experience that keeps you focused.

Both Ableton Live and Keystage support his MPE, increasing your musical flexibility and creativity. Live's powerful Drift synthesizer (available in version 11.3) leverages MPE to provide even more expressive features.

Additionally, Keystage comes bundled with Ableton Live 11 Lite as part of its integrated software. This is the entry version of Live and includes many of the core features to help you start your music production and performance journey.

Seamless DAW control

Keystage offers instant, seamless plug-and-play compatibility with popular DAWs, allowing hands-on control of the most important playback and transport controls.



Keystage-61: Polytouch keyboard*, 61 keys

Equipped with velocity sensitivity, aftertouch, and polyphonic aftertouch

Velocity curve: 21 (-10-0-+10)

Octave range: 7 (-3-0-+3)


Pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, parameter control knob x 8VOLUME knob, SETTINGS button, WRITE button, EXIT button, SHIFT button, ARP button, CHORD button, VALUE^/ button, VALUE dial, PAGE?/+ button, transport button, TEMPO Button, OCTAVE?/+ button display Main display: Organic EL (electroluminescence) display Sub display: Organic EL display x 8 scenes Number of scenes: 16 Arpeggiator Arpeggi rhythm pattern: 20 Code mode Preset code set: 32 User code set: 32

■Input/output jacks and ports

USB terminal, MIDI (IN, OUT terminal), EXPRESSION terminal, DAMPER terminal, AUDIO OUT (L/MONO, R terminal), headphone terminal

■Audio output

AUDIO OUT (L/MONO, R): 6.3mm TS phone jack (unbalanced) Headphones: 6.3mm stereo phone jack

■Control input

DAMPER (half damper compatible)





Type B

MIDI/audio interface

MIDI: 1 in/1 out

Audio: 2ch output

Audio format: 44.1kHz, 16 bit

■Power supply

USB bus powered or

AC adapter (9 V DC, : Korg KA350, sold separately) Power consumption: 5 V/500 mA or less (when powered via USB)

■Power consumption 4W (when using AC adapter)

■Dimensions (width x depth x height)

Keystage-61: 979 × 234 × 82 mm


Keystage-61: 5.0 kg

■Included items

USB cable (Type A-Type B), plate, quick start guide, precautions

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