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Korg Kronos 2-61 Keyboard Synthesizer 61 keys work station w/ AC cable

Korg Kronos 2-61 Keyboard Synthesizer 61 keys work station w/ AC cable

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New piano sound source SGX-2 with the addition of the Berlin Grand.
In addition to artist-created programs, the SGX-2 is equipped with many standard classic sounds.
Nine types of sound sources and a huge number of preset waveforms. A monster machine that is unlike anything else on the market.
SGX-2 (Premium Piano) piano sound source
EP-1 (MDS Electric Piano) electric piano sound source
CX-3 (Tonewheel Organ) Tone wheel organ sound source
HD-1 (High Definition Synthesizer) PCM sound source
MS-20EX (Legacy Analog Collection) Analog Modeling Instrument
PolysixEX (Legacy Analog Collection) Analog Modeling Sound Source
AL-1 (Analog Synthesizer) High quality analog modeling sound source
MOD-7 (Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer) VPM/FM synthesis sound source
STR-1 (Plucked Strings) Physical modeling sound source
Number of keys: 61 keys/natural touch semi-weighted
Synthesis method: 9 types
Program/Combination/Drum Kit
2,560 user programs, 1,792 user combinations, 264 user drum kits
Bit/Frequency 16bit/48kHz linear, stereo/mono sampling
Readable formats AKAI S1000/S3000 data, Korg Format, SoundFont 2.0, AIFF, WAVE formats
KARMA module Program mode: 1 unit, combination, sequencer mode: 4 units
16-track MIDI sequencer + 16-track hard disk recorder + 1 master track
MIDI tracks 16 tracks + 1 master track, 697 presets/100 user patterns (per song), 18 presets/16 user template songs, formats: Korg (KRONOS, OASYS) format, SMF format 0, 1 supported
Audio tracks: up to 16 simultaneous playback tracks, up to 4 simultaneous recording tracks, WAVE file format 16bit/24bit, up to 80 minutes continuous recording time (mono)

USB A: L/MONO, R standard phone jack (balanced), Indiv 1-4 (standard phone jack (balanced), headphones (standard stereo phone jack, S/P DIF (optical, 24bit, IEC60958, EIAJCP-1201, 48kHz (same output as L/MONO, R)), USB B (24bit, 48kHz, 2 channels (same output as L/MONO, R))), USB C (24bit, 48kHz, 2 channels (same output as L/MONO, R)) USB B (24bit, 48kHz, 2 channels (L/MONO, same output as R))

AUDIO INPUTS: AUDIO INPUTS 1 and 2 (standard phone jacks (balanced), S/P DIF (optical, 24-bit, IEC60958, EIAJCP-1201, 48 kHz), USB B (24-bit, 48 kHz, 2 channels))

Control Inputs: Damper pedal (half-damper compatible), assignable switch, assignable pedal


USB: USB A (TYPE A) x 2, for connection to external USB devices

USB B (TYPE B) x 1, MIDI audio interface, MIDI 1 (16ch) in / 1 (16ch) out, Audio: 2ch in / 2ch out

USB standard Ver. 2.0 compliant, high speed (480Mbps)

Power consumption: 60W

Size/Weight: 1,040 (W) x 364 (D) x 134 (H) mm, 14.3 kg

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