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KORG minilogue bass Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Multi-engine Sequencer 37keys

KORG minilogue bass Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Multi-engine Sequencer 37keys

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KORG minilogue bass Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Multi-engine Sequencer 37keys 


Brand New

New Bassic - Reversing music from the "bass".
Bassists are required to play various styles that transcend genres. Korg has released a new synthesizer for bassists who want to try their hand at synth bass.
Out of 100 presets, 40 programs have been created in collaboration with professional bassists who actually use synth bass. Simply select those sounds and enjoy instant synth bass sounds.
The minilogue bass will bring a chemical reaction to your band's sound.

Bass Preset Programs supervised by a professional bassist.
Of course, minilogue bass offers a wide variety of sound editing possibilities, but let's start with the preset programs. Bass sounds may sound great on its own, but it is difficult to adjust the sound pressure, localization, and balance when mixed with a song in a band.
Next, customize the preset programs to your liking by changing the thickness of the sound with VCO and Voice Mode, and the brightness of the sound with Filters. All 100 presets, including the non-bass sounds, are newly created for the minilogue bass.
You can save up to 200 preset programs (100 preset programs and 100 user programs).

powerful sounds that only real analog circuits can produce
The analog synthesizer circuitry of the minilogue bass has a fatness, sound pressure, and overtones that cannot be reproduced by digital synthesizers. The panel interface allows for intuitive analog editing, and bassists will find it useful for speedy response in live performances and production.
The configuration includes 2 VCOs, 1 VCF, 2 EGs, 1 VCA, and 1 LFO, with minilogue's unique wave shape that forms the overtones of the oscillator, and a variety of powerful modulations: cross modulation, oscillator sync, ring modulation, and a high-pass filter. A delay is combined with a high-pass filter. The powerful sound and rich variations are the hallmark of a true analog synthesizer.

Unparalleled design with an overwhelming presence.
The unique panel design is designed to express undulating grooves, and the black-and-red inverted keyboard is inverted black and red. The black-and-red inverted keyboard is designed in the hope that bassists will have less preconceived notions that black-and-white = keyboard instrument = difficult, and that the instrument will be fun and easy to use. The cool and stylish design, together with the red wood rear panel that coordinates with the black-and-white keyboard, enhances the instrument's presence on stage.

Main Specifications
. Keyboard: 37 keys (slim keyboard, velocity-compatible)
. Sound Source: Analog sound source
. Maximum number of simultaneous sounds: 4 voices
. Programs: 200 (100 factory preset programs and 100 user programs)
. Sequencer: 16-step polyphonic sequencer
. Power supply: AC adapter (DC9V) KA350
. Dimensions: 500 (W) x 300 (D) x 85 (H) mm
. Weight: 2.8 kg
. Accessories: AC adapter KA-350
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