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LUXMAN LMC-5 MC type phono cartridge Turntable Record Audio Genuine product New

LUXMAN LMC-5 MC type phono cartridge Turntable Record Audio Genuine product New

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■Stylus and power generation circuit

・The power generation mechanism is an MC type that can reduce the weight of the armature.

・Uses a Shibata needle with less auditory noise and more information.

・Uses an aluminum cantilever that is compatible with the Shibata needle and produces a straightforward tone.

・The LR generator coil is symmetrically wound in a series-wound cross-shaped coil to reduce weight and reduce sensitivity differences between channels.

・Magnetic circuit structure with small loop area to reduce intrusion of external noise

・The coil uses UEW with a diameter of 30 μm, which is the thinnest in the range that is resistant to disconnection, and the direction of the wire is fixed.

・Low distortion structure that uses a single point support method using piano wire to clarify the point of vibration system

■Body structure and design

・The stylus unit is considered to be acoustically equivalent to a microphone, and resonance and reflected sound around the unit are thoroughly suppressed.

・Beside the stylus unit, there is an outer wall that also protects the cantilever.

・Structural walls with inverted egg-shaped curves to reduce resonance and reflected sound

・Body structure stripped down to only the base and minimal outer walls to reduce weight and prevent resonance

- Body design anodized in deep red, Luxman's corporate color.


Power generation method: MC (MOVING COIL) type

Internal impedance 4.7 ohm (1kHz)

Appropriate stylus pressure 2.1 to 2.3g (2.2g standard)

Output voltage 0.4mV

Playback frequency range 10Hz to 35kHz

Channel separation/balance 28dB (1kHz)/0.5dB (1kHz)

Recommended load resistance (when connecting head amplifier) 40Ω or more

Recommended load resistance (when connecting step-up transformer) 2.5 to 10Ω

Dynamic compliance 8×10-6 cm/dyne (100Hz)

Needle tip/shape: Solid diamond/Shibata needle

Cantilever φ0.5mm aluminum

Vertical tracking angle 25°

Magnet samarium cobalt BH20

Coil 30μm UEW

Terminal Φ1.2mm, White: L(+)/Blue: L(-)/Red: R(+)/Green: R(-)

Magnetic circuit constituent material Pure iron

Body aluminum A6063

External dimensions, shell mounting holes 17.0(W) x 18.3(H) x 21.3(D) mm (excluding terminals), M2.6mm x 2

Mass 8.5g

Accessories Owner's manual, warranty card, shell mounting screws/washers, hex wrench, stylus protective cover

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