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MUTECH RM-KANDA Yokeless ring magnet system MC type Genuine product New BTO

MUTECH RM-KANDA Yokeless ring magnet system MC type Genuine product New BTO

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Following the highly acclaimed yoke-less ring magnet type MC type cartridge "LM-H", Mutech has released the new model "RM-KANDA" which has further improved the magnetic circuit and has a higher output. Masu.

Mutech is a company launched by Eiji Kanda as a new brand of MC type cartridges and step-up transformers. In 1959, Mr. Eiji Kanda jointly developed a product with Specs, the master of MC cartridges.Since then, for more than 50 years, we have provided technical cooperation to numerous brands while continuing to supply products through OEM. Ta. However, he never made his name public in the past, and was a completely phantom existence except for some enthusiasts. Despite this, the products that Mr. Kanda worked on received rave reviews from audiophiles both domestically and internationally due to their high level of perfection and variety of tonal expressiveness, proving Mr. Kanda's extraordinary talent. ``RM-KANDA'' is a masterpiece created by Eiji Kanda with all his heart and soul. This cartridge uses the industry's first high-hardness black rhodium plating on the body to thoroughly purify the sound quality, and unlike general MC type cartridges, which have a structure that generates electricity in a virtual magnetic field through a yoke material, This is the only power generation structure in which a uniquely developed core material "SS-μM" is placed inside neodymium magnet #50, which is the strongest magnetic material. This is the ultimate MC type cartridge that maximizes the characteristics of this core material ``SS-μM'' and achieves the contradictory characteristics of achieving revolutionary low impedance and increasing output.


■For the first time in the industry, black rhodium plating is used on the body. Low impedance and high output (0.5mv) are achieved by placing the independently developed ``SS-μM'' core material inside the magnet and incorporating a specially designed bobbin material.

■We eliminate the yoke material (soft iron for electromagnetic use) and place the SS-μM core material and coil directly inside the neodymium magnet #50 (ring magnet structure). Greatly improves AC magnetic properties and thoroughly suppresses magnetic distortion. The smaller the coil resistance, the larger the current value relative to the voltage, reducing phase distortion to the utmost. Internal loss is reduced and sound dropout is dramatically improved.

■Improved sound quality using specially designed suspension wire.


Power generation method: Moving coil type

Output voltage: 0.5mV (1kHz 3.45cm/sec)

Proper stylus pressure range: 1.8-2.0g

Playback frequency range: 10~45.000Hz

Coil impedance: 2.0Ω (DCR)

Crosstalk: 28dB or more (1KHz)

Channel balance: within 0.5dB (1KHz)

Stylus tip: semi-line contact

Cantilever: φ0.3mm Solid boron

Weight: 9g

Terminal pin: Rhodium plated

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