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Theremini is a modern take on the theremin, one of the oldest electronic instruments in history and Bob Moog's first passion. Combining the creative "play without touching" style of playing with the powerful sound engine of Moog's award-winning Animoog synthesizer, the Theremini is not only instantly accessible to players of all skill levels, but also offers a new way to play the instrument. Players of all levels of experience can quickly become familiar with Theremini, and enjoy new musical expression, musical education, and even control of external devices through actions.

Theremini's unique Pitch Quantize feature allows you to adjust the depth of the pitch correction to match the difficulty of the piece you are playing. At the maximum amount of correction, the player can only play pitches that are perfectly in line with the scale selected on the unit, making it impossible to even play incorrect pitches. As you decrease the correction, you have more control over pitch and vibrato, and when the correction is set to zero, you have infinite pitch control with an analog heterodyne oscillator, just like a traditional theremin.

The built-in tuner allows you to visually check the pitch while playing and at the same time check the difference from the correct pitch at a glance. This not only makes it easier to correct the hand position while playing, but can also be easily applied in educational fields such as tone and scale training.

The Thremini itself has built-in tone presets with 32 different waveforms and wavetables. In addition to tones, scales and their starting tones, playing registers, and stereo delay effect settings can be stored in memory for each preset.

The main unit has a built-in speaker, so it can be set up quickly in any location, making it convenient for individual practice. In addition, by connecting earphones or headphones to the headphone jack on the front panel, the speaker output is canceled, allowing you to practice without making noise around you.

In addition, two line-level audio output jacks for live performance or use as a controller, a pitch CV output jack for setting the pronunciation range, and a mini-USB jack for exchanging MIDI signals are also provided.

Main features

Pitch correction function (scale and starting tone can be set)
Built-in tuner (allows the user to check the pitch during performance and the difference from the exact pitch)
Built-in presets with 32 different wavetables
Built-in speaker
Headphone jack
2 audio output jacks (6.35mm standard jack)
Pitch CV output jack (sound range can be set)
Scale and its starting note selectable (memory for each preset)
Built-in stereo ping-pong delay
Removable pitch antenna (can be stored in a slot on the side of the unit when removed)
Can be mounted on a microphone stand or camera tripod (3/8")
High-quality rubber feet

Front Panel

LCD: 128x64 pixel LCD with white backlight
Headphone jack: 3.5mm mini stereo jack (internal speaker muted when earphones or headphones are connected)
VOLUME knob: controls output to headphone jack and volume of built-in speaker
PITCH BIAS knob: Adjusts the depth of the pitch correction function (0 to 100%)
SCALE button: Selects a scale
ROOT button: Selects the starting note of the selected scale
SETUP button: Various settings and calibration functions (also used as shift key)
DELAY LENGTH button: Sets delay effect length (SHORT, MEDIUM, LONG, OFF)
DELAY AMOUNT knob: Adjusts the balance between the delay sound and the original sound
PRESET knob: Selects one of 32 tone presets

Rear panel (connection terminals)

LEFT OUTPUT: line level, 6.35mm standard jack (left channel)
RIGHT OUTPUT: line-level, 6.35 mm standard jack (right channel)
CV OUTPUT: 6.35mm standard jack (output CV range selectable between 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V)
USB: mini-B type, USB 2.0 compatible, USB-MIDI function (note data not supported)


Kensington lock slot
Power switch
Power supply: 12VDC / 1.2A, 100-240VAC (use supplied AC adapter)
Dimensions: 578 (W) x 165 (D) x 381 (H) mm (including antenna; 102 (H) mm with antenna retracted)
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