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Official Oyaide M1 power plug genuine product Brand New

Official Oyaide M1 power plug genuine product Brand New

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The Ultimate in Luxury, Now Available!

The F1/M1 is a further evolution of the P/C series' concept of high sound quality, usability, and safety into a top-of-the-line power plug. The elegant and strong-willed exterior does more than simply provide an attractive design.

The dual monocoque housing made of POM (polyacetal) and aluminum has outstanding mechanical strength, as well as excellent vibration damping characteristics and noise resistance. The electrodes are newly made of beryllium copper and plated with two layers of platinum and palladium, which were determined after repeated thorough listening tests. The uncompromising, dynamic, refined, and clear sound leaves a strong impression.

Housing Material

Each material used asserts its own individuality, yet harmonizes beautifully. The inner housing is made of POM (polyacetal), which has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation. The outer housing is made of 50 series aluminum alloy with well-balanced mechanical properties.

These parts are machined by NC machining from a bar material with an external diameter of 40 mm. 80% to 85% of these parts are disposed of to make a single part. (The F1/M1 is the flagship model that combines outstanding performance with superior safety.

Dual Monocoque Housing

Design is an extension of function, and its unparalleled beauty is inevitable. The inner housing is made of POM (polyacetal), which has excellent electrical insulation properties and mechanical properties that are often referred to as a second metal. The highly rigid body achieves high-speed vibration damping.

The connection part is vulnerable to magnetic field disturbance and to external noise. Therefore, aluminum is used for the outer cover to improve noise resistance. This combination of materials contributes to a high level of S/N and attenuation of unwanted vibrations. In addition, the rear cable entry port can accommodate cables with a maximum outer diameter of 17 mm.


The body of F1/M1 is made of PBT + 30% GF, a high specific gravity engineering plastic material that has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties. The highly rigid body realizes high-speed vibration damping. Furthermore, all screws are made of stainless steel and are completely original screws made exclusively for P/C and F1/M1.

Highly rigid stainless steel screws will not cause problems such as over-torquing, crushing of threads, or removal of heads. Also, the maximum cable installation size is 10sq (5.5sq x 2 cables), boasting outstanding workability. The tensile strength of the blade holder and cable is more than 30 kg, so even a slight pull will not cause the cable to come loose.

Plating of the blade holder

For F1/M1, a combination of platinum and palladium was selected as befitting a flagship model: the first layer of platinum is 0.5μ, and the second layer of palladium is 0.3μ thick. The material is punched out as parts, mechanically barrel polished, and then buffed and polished. Mirror finish and direct plating. The blades of the F1/M1 are made of beryllium copper, which has high conductivity and sufficient mechanical properties. This is an appropriate choice of material for a flagship model. 

In addition, beryllium copper is an extremely aged alloy, and heat treatment has given it extremely high mechanical properties. Furthermore, the M1 blade has a high level of contact area and rigidity with a thickness of 1.0 mm and a width of 6.0 mm, and a strong hold with a weighted weight of over 8 kg. This reduces vibration at the joints and ensures lossless transmission.

M1 Specifications

Blade Beryllium copper

Plating After polishing twice, two-layer plating of platinum (0.5μ) + palladium (0.3μ)

Applicable cable outer diameter min. 6.5mm, max. 17.0mm

Applicable maximum cable gauge AWG10 (5.5sq)

Rated 125V/15A specifications PSE certified

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