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Ortofon Concorde MkII Elite Gold Cartridge DJ Turntable Best Sound genuine New

Ortofon Concorde MkII Elite Gold Cartridge DJ Turntable Best Sound genuine New

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I. Aluminum/magnesium alloy cantilever developed exclusively for Elite

The first thing to note is the hard aluminum/magnesium alloy cantilever newly developed exclusively for the Elite. This lightweight and highly rigid alloy is ideal for not only dramatically raising the level of DJ performance, but also for high-quality music playback.

II. Solid diamond oval needle

Elite is the first cartridge used for DJ play to use a solid diamond oval needle. This is a diamond stylus that is usually used by Hi-Fi audiophiles who pursue high fidelity and high sound quality, but the Elite was developed as the flagship of the Concorde series that goes beyond the boundaries of DJ and Hi-Fi. Ta. The adoption of a solid diamond needle reduces moving mass compared to previous DJ styli. It is possible to trace the groove of a record more clearly and with high precision.

III. Generating coil that produces powerful tones

The Elite boasts a high output voltage of 8.5mV, which is made possible by Ortofon's highly accurate and highly efficient coil system, which has been researched for more than half a century. The audio signal picked up by the solid diamond oval needle from the groove is transmitted by a special aluminum-magnesium alloy cantilever, and the magnet operates to generate electricity, creating a powerful sound.

Ⅳ. New compound rubber damper

A rubber damper with a new exclusive formulation has been developed to match the characteristics of the Elite, which uses a newly developed cantilever and a solid diamond oval needle. Developing a damper specifically for the Elite with optimal elasticity is a sign of Ortofon's enthusiasm for this cartridge. This damper supports a clear sound that exceeds conventional wisdom.

The Concoede MkII Elite has surpassed Ortofon's expectations of surpassing all Concordes and has gone even further. “A Limitless experience” born from the groove, with Elite.


●Output voltage (1kHz, 5cm/sec.): 8.5mV

●Channel balance (1kHz): 1dB

●Channel separation (1kHz): 25dB

●Channel separation (15kHz): 15dB

●Frequency band (at -3dB): 20Hz-20,000Hz

●Tracking ability (315Hz, appropriate stylus pressure): 100μm

●Horizontal compliance: 13μm/mN

●Stylus type: Nude Elliptical

●Stylus tip radius: r/R 8/18μm ●Cantilever material: Aluminum/magnesium alloy

●Proper stylus pressure: 3.0g

●Stylus pressure range: 2.0 to 4.0g

●Tracking angle: 20°

●Internal impedance: 1.2kΩ

●Internal inductance: 800mH

●Recommended load resistance value: 47kΩ

●Recommended load capacitance value: 150-400pF

●Cartridge body color: Black/Gold

●Self weight: 18.5g

●JAN: Concorde MKII Elite/5705796031737 Stylus CC MKII Elite/5705796141191

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