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Oyaide Audio Interconnect Pure Silver Balance Cable AR-910 1.3m genuine product

Oyaide Audio Interconnect Pure Silver Balance Cable AR-910 1.3m genuine product

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~From the manufacturer's website information

The AR-910 is the result of the strongest collaboration between the FTVS-910, a superb 5N pure silver conductor twinax cable, and the Focus 1, which was selected as the best performing XLR connector as a result of thorough hearing tests of several types of XLR connectors. The result is a synergistic effect that delivers dramatic performance. The cable transmits the signal as it is without losing any information, and the spacious spatial expression promises you a blissful time.

The 5N pure silver conductor is subjected to skin-pass processing to mirror the conductor surface and annealing treatment to alleviate stress distortion, bringing out the excellent transmission capability of silver to the utmost limit. The result is a conductor with excellent transmission performance, not only for analog transmission but also for digital signals!

3-layer hybrid sealing protects wideband noise and provides high shielding against weak spark noise!

The polyurethane used for the cable outer shell has excellent shock absorption and high elasticity, and contributes greatly to isolation from external vibration!

The most innovative and novel technology of the FOCUS 1 XLR plug is the one-touch push-pull function (utility model). The plug locks by simply plugging it into the output inlet and unlocks by simply pulling the ring on the end of the plug. Furthermore, a ball bearing type lock is used for the lock, which is the result of the most sophisticated precision machining. This is a completely new locking function.

The contact pins are made of phosphor bronze with direct silver plating and rhodium plating, and the ground contact (No. 1) is 3mm longer than other signal contacts to prevent POP noise during connection.

■Blade-type cable clamping system secures the cable and enables connection of the chassis earth at the same time.

The sophisticated body of the "FOCUS 1" is further enhanced with Swarovski crystals embedded in the body for LR identification.

SS-47 acoustic solder, which boasts 4.7% pure silver content, is used for high-precision assembly of the cable and RCA plugs.


For those who seek a delicate and wide soundstage with high S/N ratio, agile power and speed with high response!

For those seeking a wide sound stage with wide range and depth.  

For those seeking high resolution and subtle sound!

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