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Oyaide L/i50 EXs II 1.8m Audio Power Cable Genuine Brand NEW

Oyaide L/i50 EXs II 1.8m Audio Power Cable Genuine Brand NEW

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By making all parts of the L/i50 EXs II domestically produced, or "fully made in Japan," we pursue total sound production with our own products. The audiophile environment has changed rapidly over the past 19 years, and at the same time, the needs for power cables have also changed. The "L/i50 EXs II" is the "L/i50 series" that is suitable for high-end equipment that adapts to the modern music environment.

While continuing to inherit the DNA of traditional Oyaide sound, it has been reborn as a product that combines the high speed, high resolution, and vast sound stage that are essential for modern audio.

L/i50 EXs II specifications

Cable part L/i50 EX 1.8m (L/i50EXs II only)

Cable structure Starquad strand structure

Cable conductor OFC (hot/cold) + tin-plated OFC (earth)

Cable conductor cross-sectional area 4.0SQ (7 pairs/25 pieces/0.12 each 1 pair)

Cable insulation Reinforced silicone rubber

Cable outer sheath Tetron sleeve (inside) + PET sleeve (outside)

Cable coordination color sapphire blue

Cable outer diameter 10.6mm

Power plug & IEC connector AP-037EX / AC-037EX (L/i50Exs II only)

Power plug & IEC connector color Sapphire blue

Electrode material & plating Deoxidized phosphor bronze, polished twice, thick silver plating (1.5μ) + rhodium plating (0.3μ)

Electromagnetic wave absorbing material NRF-005T (0.05t) + MWA-010T (0.10t) 2-layer winding

Rating 125V/15A E certified product

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