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OYAIDE VONDITA-X Power Cable 1.8m / 5.9ft 102SSC Genuine product New

OYAIDE VONDITA-X Power Cable 1.8m / 5.9ft 102SSC Genuine product New

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Product overview of Oyaide VONDITA-X

Power plug/connector V XY/V XX

dual monocoque housing

Like the M1/F1, the inner housing uses POM (polyacetal), which has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties.
The outer housing uses A2017, which is famous as duralumin, and has excellent strength as well as noise resistance, and quickly disperses and suppresses vibrations.
The housing structure combines these two materials to suppress unnecessary incidental noise.
Combination of different plating

In order to achieve the best sound, we combined different types of plating: the plug is platinum/palladium plated, and the connector is gold plated.
Like the M1/F1, the electrodes are made of beryllium copper material with excellent range characteristics.
As a result, we have created an appropriate amount of space to play music in an appealing manner, and have made it possible to express a lustrous yet powerful singing voice that even depicts the sound of the user's breathing.

A luxuriously used silk interlayer, a double helix drain line reminiscent of DNA, and an exterior sheath made from a combination of different materials. All of them are the result of our commitment to thorough vibration control.
Measures against vibration are an important element for audio, and we have reflected this in the cable's internal design without compromise.
Silk interposition is also effective in suppressing static electricity.
These internal designs, as well as the 4.0sq internal conductor with a special twisted structure using precision conductor "102SSC", create a harmony that creates a quiet yet excellent space expressiveness, and plays music while maintaining optimal band balance. .
QBT processing

TELOS AUDIO DESIGN is currently attracting the most attention from around the world due to its innovative product development based on high technological capabilities. QBT processing is performed using the cable run-in machine. QBT treatment is a type of aging that brings out the original charm of the cable.

Product specs
Others ●Cable part: 1.8m
●Cable structure: 3-core cabtyre
●Cable conductor: 102SSC (hot/cold/earth)
●Cable conductor cross-sectional area: 4.0sq (SPECIAL STRANDED)
●Cable insulation: High polymer polyolefin
●Cable exterior sheath: PVC + polyolefin
●Cable outer diameter: 13.0mm
●Power plug & connector: V-XY/V-XX
●Electrode material & plating: Beryllium copper/platinum/palladium/gold plating
●Rating: 125V/15AE certified product

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