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Pearl RH2050 Eliminator Redline Remote Hi-hat Stand genuine Brand New

Pearl RH2050 Eliminator Redline Remote Hi-hat Stand genuine Brand New

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PEARL remote hi-hat stand. Arranged with a drum pedal drive system for smooth action. Equipped with a system that allows stepless adjustment of the footboard angle. By replacing the cam, you can get a completely different feeling.

Remote hi-hat stand


Weight: 6.0kg

Driving system: Posi-link twin cam drive Interchangeable cams

Equipped with power shifter

Footboard: Equipped with traction plate and traction grips

Footboard angle: Variset footboard angle adjustment

Clutch: Rapid Lock drop clutch

Spring tension adjustment

Reversible leg tips (spike/rubber)

Reversible leg tips (spike/rubber) 

Posi-link twin cam drive system [US PAT. 6399866].

Two cams work in tandem to smoothly transmit footwork movement. The movement of the drive cam on the pedal side is directly transmitted to the pull cam under the center shaft for smooth, loss-free action. The center shaft moves in a straight line without any blurring, providing a natural and comfortable stepping feel.

Interchange Cam Cam

Equipped with the same function as the Eliminator pedal. By replacing the included four types of cams, the smooth action can be adjusted to your personal taste.

Power Shifter

The power shifter action adjustment function of the drum pedal is very powerful on the hi-hat stand. The action can be adjusted in three stages at the heel of the footboard.

Traction Plate Traction Grip

This function allows adjustment of the sliding feel on the footboard, which has been well-received on drum pedals. The traction plate can be installed upside down.

Variset Footboard Angle Adjustment

The footboard angle adjustment function consists of a system for infinitely adjusting the pull cam (wheel) directly connected to the center shaft and a system for setting the chain attachment position on the footboard side in three steps.

Rapid lock drop clutch

Convenient for two-bass play, this clutch can realize a closed hi-hat by switching the lever. The "RAPIDLOCK" mechanism, in which the center shaft is clamped by a hinge, is also employed.

Hi-hat cup [US PAT. 7078606].

Noiseless plastic design.

Spring tension adjustment dial 

A dial system that allows tension adjustment in small increments over a wide range. The set tension can be checked with a gauge.

Swiveling Legs

Legs can be swiveled.

Convertible spike/rubber tip [US PAT. 7371953].

The H-2050 is designed to switch between spike and rubber tip with a push button for safer storage, while the RH-2050 and 1050 series use a tuning key to switch between the two.

Connector joint

A connector joint is provided where the center rod of the hi-hat connects. This simple design transmits pedal action smoothly.

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