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Phasemation EA-220 Phono Amplifier MM/MC All discrete non-return type genuine

Phasemation EA-220 Phono Amplifier MM/MC All discrete non-return type genuine

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Main Features

Elegant and strong chassis structure with newly designed front panel

The front panel is a newly fabricated 8mm-thick slant aluminum panel and follows the elegant design of the EA-1200/EA-550. The chassis base and top cover are made of 1.6mm-thick steel plate with copper plating and painted finish. Furthermore, a shield has been added to the top of the top cover, which, together with the 8mm-thick front panel, provides a strong chassis structure and reduces magnetic distortion.

The foot is equipped with a heavy metal insulator to isolate external vibrations.

Non-Return Amplifier Circuit with All Discrete Components

Many of today's tube and semiconductor amplifiers are designed with negative feedback amplification circuits that amplify the difference between the input and output stages (correction signal), providing excellent specifications at a low cost.

However, there is a time delay between the input and output signals that cannot be removed in principle, which causes TIM (transient intermodulation distortion) and is one of the major causes of negative feedback amplifiers' poor sound quality.

At Phasemation, all amplifiers (both semiconductor and tube) are non-refeedback amplifiers.

Since non-refeedback amplifiers do not have the compensation behavior of negative feedback amplifiers, their components require high precision and superior circuit design techniques.

This allows reproduction without loss of sound source (record) information, and in terms of sound quality, it is possible to reproduce the dynamics and subtle nuances of music.

Dual Monaural Pattern

The signal system consists of a dual monaural layout with the same pattern for the left and right channels to achieve uniform sound quality for the left and right channels, thereby realizing spatial expression with rich information.

Adoption of High-Quality Sound Components

1. signal system

For the RIAA elements, which have a high influence on the sound quality of the phono amplifier, we use reputable high-quality sound components such as 1% grade metal film resistors with a generous rated capacitance and high-quality film capacitors.

Elna's Silmic II audio grade electrolytic capacitors and 1% grade metal film resistors are used at key points in the signal system.

2. in the power supply circuit

First recovery diodes with low noise and high sound quality during rectification are used.

Low noise zener diodes are used to configure extremely low noise power circuits for Lch and Rch individually.

The power transformer uses a low leakage flux transformer with R-core.

Product Specifications

Type MM/MC Non-Reflective Phono Amplifier

Input style MM MC

Input Sensitivity 2.5mV 0.12mV

Input impedance 47kΩ 470Ω

Gain 38dB 64dB

Input Converted Noise -120dBV -140dBV

Rated output voltage 200mV (1kHz)

Rear curve deviation ±0.5dB (20 to 20kHz)

Power consumption 2W (100VAC 50/60Hz)

Dimensions 220 (W) x 57 (H) x 228 (D)

Weight 2.6kg

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