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PHASEMATION HEAD SHELL machined aluminum CS-900K Black genuine product

PHASEMATION HEAD SHELL machined aluminum CS-900K Black genuine product

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Lightweight body

The CS-900 is approximately 10% lighter than the CS-1000 without sacrificing rigidity, and its shape combines functionality and beauty.

The CS-900 is made of precision machined aluminum.

The CS-900 is available in three colors. You can enjoy color coordination with your cartridges.

Direct Contact

The shell body and the connector terminal are fastened by double bolts to enhance accuracy and rigidity.

The connector section makes direct contact with the arm connector with two upper and lower pins to improve the mechanical coupling with the arm and enhance sound quality.

Finger rest made of brass

The finger rests are made of brass to suppress unwanted resonance in combination with the resonance dispersion shape.

High-quality sound lead wires

4N copper wire is used for the shell lead of the CS-900.

Product Specifications

Material Aluminum machined, anodized

Weight Main body 9.7g / 13.3g including lead, M2.6x10 screw, nut, and finger hook

Shell lead 4N copper wire


4 lead wires

Finger rest

2 mounting screws (M2.6x6, M2.6x10, M2.6x16)

2 mounting nuts (aluminum material)

4 washers

1 hexagonal wrench for tightening screws

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