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PHASEMATION PP-200 MC RECORD CARTRIDGE genuine product Brand New

PHASEMATION PP-200 MC RECORD CARTRIDGE genuine product Brand New

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Powerful magnetic circuit with neodymium magnet

Neodymium magnets are used in the magnetic circuit. This has realized powerful sound quality as well as increased output.

Improved trackability through a revised vibration system

The vibration system has been improved to enhance trackability. The traceability has been improved.

Inheritance of diamond tips and boron cantilevers used in advanced models

The PP-2000 inherits the high sound quality materials proven in other models, such as the diamond stylus tip and solid boron cantilever, and the 6N oxygen-free copper wire used for the generator coil.

New Generation Body Structure

A new body shape is adopted to control unwanted vibrations. Direct sound quality is realized.


 Power generation method Moving coil type

 Impedance 4Ω

 Appropriate needle pressure 1.7 to 2.0g

 Output voltage 0.3mV or higher (1kHz 50mm/s horizontal direction)

 Compliance 8.5μ /mN [8.5x10-6cm/dyne]

 Playback frequency range 10Hz to 30kHz

 Separation 25dB or better (1kHz)

 Channel balance within 1dB (1kHz)

 Cantilever Solid boron φ0.26

 Magnet Neodymium

 Magnetic circuit material Pure iron

 Base Material Duralumin machined

 Body material Machined aluminum

 Body weight 10.5g

 Stylus tip Diamond (line contact / curvature 0.03 x 0.003mm)

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