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Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 Black Direct DriveHybrid turntable DVS Control New

Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 Black Direct DriveHybrid turntable DVS Control New

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Supported software

Rekordbox / Serato DJ Pro

Power supply

AC 100 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Power consumption

8 W

Standby power consumption

0.5 W

Allowable operating temperature

+5 °C to +35 °C

Allowable operating humidity

5 to 85% (no condensation)

Maximum Dimensions

(W x D x H) 453 x 353 x 159 mm

Main unit weight

12.2 kg

PHONO output terminals

RCA pin jacks: 1 line

USB terminal

Type-C: 1 line


Platter / Platter fixing screws / Screwdriver

MAGVEL CLAMP / Slip mat / Slip sheet

Dust cover / Balance weight / Sub weight

Head shell / Shell weight / Power cord

Audio cable (with integrated ground wire) / USB cable

Quick Start Guide / Precautions for use

The PLX-CRSS12 digital-analog hybrid turntable, the latest model in the PLX series, is now available! It is the world's first turntable to support both analog record playback and tone-arm-free DVS performance using digital files, enabling DVS play without using a record needle as well as play with records as before. In addition, four PERFORMANCE PADs are mounted in front of the turntable for quick recall of HOT CUE, SAMPLER, and other functions.
[Main Features
Tone arm-free DVS performance allows you to concentrate on your performance without worrying about needle skipping.
In DIGITAL VINYL mode, the newly equipped MAGVEL CLAMP allows direct reading of record operations and control of digital file tracks without the need for a tone arm. This allows dynamic scratching performance without the worry of needle skipping and with the same feel of operation as a record. The PLX-1000 also inherits the high operability equivalent to the PLX-1000 when playing back analog records.

Feel adjustment function to customize the operability to your liking.
Record operation feel can be adjusted to your own preference.
The PLX-CRSS12 allows you to quickly adjust the record weight with the dial on the top of the MAGVEL CLAMP, so you can smoothly prepare for your performance without the hassle of changing slipmats or slipsheets.

Torque levels can also be customized for the operability you want.
The UTILITY setting allows you to adjust the rotational torque of the turntable in three levels, making it easy to achieve the operating feel that best suits your preference. You can choose from "High" for quick sound startup at the beginning of playback, "Low" for the traditional torque that many DJs who use turntables are familiar with, and "Mid" for a balance between sound startup and conventional operation feel.

Turntable stop time can also be changed.
The switch on the front of the main unit can be used to adjust the time it takes for the turntable to stop when STOP is operated in three levels. A sharp "Min". Mid" follows the traditional product and follows the settings that many DJs who use turntables are familiar with. Max" is longer than the first two, and provides a more impressive end to the performance.

[For comfortable and intuitive performance
Four PERFORMANCE PADs with MIDI mapping
Four PERFORMANCE PADs are located in front of the turntable, allowing you to quickly recall HOT CUE and SAMPLER, so you can control them on the turntable even when playing with a DJ mixer that does not have pads, SAMPLER, STEMS, SCRATCH BANK, ROLL, and SAVED LOOP when using Serato DJ Pro, and HOT CUE, SAMPLER, TRACK SEPARATION, SAMPLE SCRATCH, PAD FX1, and BEAT JUMP as default pad modes when using rekordbox. PAD FX1 and BEAT JUMP can be used as default pad modes. In addition, the pads are MIDI-mappable, so other functions can be assigned as desired. You can also switch controls to Pads 1-4 and 5-8 for a total of 8 pads.

OLED display for quick, at-hand confirmation of song playback information
An OLED display is mounted on the top of the turntable. In addition to tempo range and KEY during STEP PITCH, the display allows you to check BPM, KEY, and deck number at your fingertips when connected to a PC/Mac running DJ software via USB. The PLX-1000 also provides quick access to UTILITY settings, so you can concentrate on your performance without having to look at your PC/Mac or DJ mixer while you play.

High-quality analog record playback further evolved from the PLX-1000
The PLX-CRSS12 offers faithful, high-quality reproduction of the sound of analog records with sound quality that has further evolved from the market acclaimed PLX-1000 professional turntable.

Switching Power Supply
A switching power supply is employed to eliminate transformer power supply vibration and magnetic flux leakage, and noise is suppressed to achieve high-resolution sound quality.

Zinc die-cast
As with the PLX-1000, the upper part of the main unit is made of high-mass zinc die-cast, while the lower part is made of 8 mm-thick resin to optimize the main unit structure and vibration-damping materials.

Gold-plated RCA terminals
Like the PLX-1000, the RCA terminals are also made of machined parts with gold plating to ensure a stable connection with the plug for direct transmission of the PHONO signal and high quality reproduction of analog record sound.

Robust and exquisite design unified in matte black color
PLX-CRSS12 is based on matte black color, and metal parts such as the tone arm have been specially coated. Careful attention to detail gives it a robust and exquisite impression.

Compatible with DJ software Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox
This DJ controller is compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox. By connecting this unit to a PC/Mac with DJ software installed and a mixer compatible with the DVS function of each DJ software, you can start playing with DVS and PERFORMANCE PAD.
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